Werewolf game alpha testing (pun intended)

So… I would like to put up the character creation and first chapter of my game for feedback and testing, but I have no idea how. My ISP does not have free web hosting space or anything like that, so how do I get it up there?

I have plenty of hosting space, I would be willing to set up a space for you. I am not off until the weekend, if you are interested I will set up a space and log in for you on sat.

The general method most people around here seem to use is a service called webs.com, I’m actually a little hazy on the details myself, but it’ll let you host html content - perfect for showing off your ChoiceScript work.

It does have a one week waiting period before it’ll let you add anything to your page though. http://CoGCommunity.webs.com is an example of a CoG related site set up using this method.

@lordirishdas I will definitely contact you if the webs.com thing doesn’t work for me! What a generous offer. :slight_smile:

@canisa So pardon my computer illiteracy, but exactly what HTML file(s) would I be pasting into the page and how do I set them up? Can anyone give me a quick walkthrough? Feel free to email me at xbaker@gmail.com if that’s easier (replacing x with my username here)

Upload the contents of your “web” folder (with all its subdirectories intact) to your main directory on the server. With webs.com, you’ll have to do this all manually, i.e. create a “mygame” folder, go into it, upload index.html and mygame.js, create a “scenes” directory, etc.

@HoraceTorys Thanks! Will try that.

Yeah! a werewolf game! What’s the plot? And are you a bestial werewolf or a humanoid/sentient one?

Sorry I’ve been away so long! I’ve been very sick. :frowning:

There are three different types of werewolves with varying degrees of embracing the beast, but all of them are sentient. The plot basically involves whether you will try to “cure” the werewolves, increase their power, or try to find a way for them to exist peacefully without further violence against humans.

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just one question is there romance in the game which is completely optional.
and can have some kind of sub plot.

This seems interesting. I think I’ll go for power, maybe there’s a way to make the humans my snivelling minions…hehe

so any idea whene a demo whould be up?

U mean for ranks of wolves? Just go through the Greek alphabet.

any update on the games progress?

Anyone here? And doesn’t game testing require a game? 'Cause I can’t find one here.

ther is non for now as far as i can see