Demo Hosting

Hey folks,

I’ve been making good progress on my project, “Going West”, an adventure where you play as a pioneer in a fictionalized version of the United States of America in 1849. I think that I’ll probably have enough to put up a working demo in a week or so, and I’d love to get feedback on it from the community.

The only problem is, I don’t have a site to host it on. Can anyone recommend a good place for hosting? Or is there, perhaps, a kind soul out there who might have a site they’d be willing to put it up on? Thanks!

I and many others use although. there is a week wait until you can upload html pages.

Fair enough. I’ll register and wait until the delay expires, by then I should have a demo to put up.

While working on my game today, I suddenly started getting an error message that seems to prevent any of the game from working. It shows as follows, immediately upon loading:


Sorry, an error occured. Click OK to email error data to support

With no game loading. I’ve taken a number of looks at the code, and I can’t seem to figure out what I changed that’s making this happen. Anyone encountered this one before?

It sounds like an error with one of your variables. It’s possible you have 2 variables with the same name. Check the variable at line 573 and see if it’s a duplicate. Failing that it could be a bad syntax error, but that should be easy to spot.

I’m having a little trouble figuring out how choicescript assigns numbers to lines. My first scene’s current version has less than 573 lines when I open it in notepad, so I’m not sure how to figure out which line is causing the problem. Any ideas how to identify the problem line?

I have figured out the problem. You were exactly right, I had a line that *set a variable before I had the *create line to set it up in the first place. Thank you for the help!

@Luxtizer: what browser are you viewing in? The line #s I get in the error messages only match up with the code in Notepad when I’m using Internet Explorer, not Firefox or Chrome.

I’ve been using Firefox. I thought Choicescript doesn’t work with Chrome? Is there a workaround for that?

@Luxtizer I would have to recommend IE for testing your ChoiceScript game–it’s the only browser I’ve found that properly displays your error messages and allows for an easy fix. Indeed, it’s the only thing I actually use IE for! It really is a pain developing with ChoiceScript and trying to use anything other than IE for testing. :frowning:

I second that internet explore is great for test choice script but suck from everything else.

although im willing to host choice script demos on my web site once my web designer sets my site back up.

  1. IE is the only way to get the correct error messages. Google works, but not locally (there are at least a few work arounds, but nothing worth actually doing unless you’re hardcore set against using IE for anything).

  2. I’d also recommend Notepad++ (If you aren’t already using it.) Makes finding the right line a lot easier.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I am now testing on IE and using Notepad++. Things are moving at a good pace, I’m optimistic about having a working demo ready once lets me upload html.

Not quite yet. Assuming I get everything figured out on the hosting, I expect to have the very early draft version of the demo up late tomorrow. I will keep you all posted!

cant wait

until the release of the demo

Glad to hear people are excited! I think everything’s set on the hosting angle, but I’ve got one more segment I want to flesh out before putting the demo up. I’m still hoping to have it up tonight. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Alright, getting pretty close to a version I can post now. But I’m having a persistent error I can’t seem to figure out now that I’ve changed how certain choices work. It seems like the way I’m making choices selectable depending on variables is causing a bug. For example, if I want a certain option selectable only if the player has a ‘Money’ stat of 100 or more, I’m trying to put it in like this:



#option one

*selectable_if (Money > 99) #option two

This seems to be crashing the game when I test it. Can someone who has done this before help me out?

Test the game in Internet Explorer, and the error message should give some clue as to what’s going wrong (even if it’s not explicit in how to fix it). If you can’t figure it out, post the error messages you’re getting. Without them, it’s really just guess work as to what might be wrong.

As above. The only other thing I can suggest (since there’s nothing really fundamentally wrong with what you’re trying to do here) is that when I have these problems it tends to be something downright, kick-myself silly, e.g. indentation not quite right, a capital letter on a variable like ‘Money’, or (when using multiple conditions) simply not having the correct number of opening & closing parenthesis, or all in the right place.