Can I make a choicescript game and host the file on my on web site?


I was wondering if I could to make a demo of my game and be able to host it on my site at .


Absolutely. What you need to do is upload the “web” folder and it’s contents to your website, making sure to keep the file structure intact sub folders and all. Then, when you want to share your game you provide the link to the index.html file in the “mygame” folder. That’s all you have to do. And whenever you want to update the uploaded game, all you have to do is overwrite the scene file.


Yes. But if you plan to sell the game on your site you need to speak with Choice of Games directly.


Thank you very much this will help me make the demo easily. I appreciate your help very much.


Actually I am only making the demo with choicescript as the game is already made, and I programmed it all in batch.