Posting a demo

I’ve downloaded dropbox and apparently with the new dropbox policy I have to pay to get some sort of public folder and there’s a fix with a new compile file or something. I’m just looking for some up to date info and help since I basically am at a loss for what to do to upload my demo.

If you’ve got the latest version of Choicescript you should just be able to open compile.html in Firefox and it should compile your game and provide you with a link to save/download it. Once you have that .html file you can upload it to Dropbox.
You can follow the instructions in this post (minus the compile ones, as the shipped compile.html should work fine now) in regards to putting it up on Dropbox without a public folder:

Thanks a lot! It worked! Only thing is that I have a scene set apart from the game for miscellaneous info that can be accessed from the stats screen. For some reason even though its in with the rest of the scenes, Firefox doesn’t compile it!

You can add scenes manually.

I’m not sure how. There isn’t a place anywhere that allows me to. If you mean the scene list command I tried that and it just gets the compiler stuck on “searching for files” besides where would stats scenes even fit in the chronology.

To add scenes manually, just open up Notepad on your computer and save the file like you’d normally would, saving it as the scene name (chapter1, junkyard, lovescene, etc.). Then when it asks where to put the file, put it in the scenes folder of mygame. If you used the *goto_scene function properly, it should work.