Demo posting problems

Hey everyone I have been having trouble posting playtests so I was wondering if anyone
has a public dropbox folder they would be willing to share? Thanks.

See if this solves your problems:

I read that post…not working for me

What exactly isn’t working?

Well the game compiles correctly but the mods and sound and image files i have dont

Try (dropbox’s new design no longer supports CS games without external files).

Well I just made a webs account but unsure on how to upload the game to my new website

Im in the site builder…but dont see an option to upload files

First you’ll create a website (you can just rush through it because I think it may require a few odd options), then once you’re managing the website, there should be a button near the top that says “File Manager” click that, then there should be the option to load a number of files. Put everything there. I think there’s other (more detailed) guides elsewhere on the forum for too.

Inside the sitebuilder? the file mamager

nvm i found it…7 day wait before i can do anything though, so i’ll wait