My drop box won't work


I’ve followed the instructions on the choicescript wiki a dozen times, but the link for my game on dropbox is always broken.

Can anyone help me with this?


Is it in the public folder?


Yepp. And then it says

13.) Right-click either of your index.html files > Dropbox > Copy public link.

14.) Then, all you need to do is paste (Ctrl + V) and the link to your game will be pasted, and everyone that enters the link will start playing the game straight away!

which doesn’t make any sense.


Your entire web folder needs to be there as well. Otherwise, the index file can’t import the code it needs to run choicescript.


I have the web folder in the public folder. Then it says to copy the link from the index html, and then the 14th instruction makes no sense to me


So I’ll try to simplify it.

Dropbox / Public / Web / Index.html

Is that exactly what you have?




Do you have all the javascript files? Like ui.js and scene.js?


Yes I do


Beyond that I can’t help you. I’m terribly sorry, but there’s nothing else that could go wrong. Maybe someone more… Knowledgable about cs could help you. Myself, I can’t see what the problem could be.


Okay, so you have the whole of the original web folder in your Public folder. Good.

You should be able to just right click the index.html, click Copy public link, and then paste that link wherever you’d like to post it.


Oh I got it to work. Thanks, guys.