Help! demo link help needed!


Its all coded and everything, I don’t understand why dropbox wont let the game play or whatever needs to be done I have no clue please help.

I would appreciate hugely if someone could make this go live


Copy/pasta from my guide (noteworthy parts bolded):

Once [dropbox is] installed, you should have somewhere on your computer a ‘dropbox folder’. Simply copy the entire web folder to the dropbox folder (you can rename the web folder if you want to keep your dropbox looking neat). From there, find one of the index files, and select ‘share link’. Dropbox should give you a link that you can post to allow people to play your game. If the link takes you to a page with a button to download the game, make sure the link you have starts with dl. and not www. (If it does start with www., you can simply change it to dl., which should allow people to play your game without downloading it.)


I don’t understand its not there


^^^the link should look like this but it’s showing your code instead. Did you compile this or is this the txt file?

@Reaperoa could you explain your method? I didn’t understand. Or rather, I tried it but it didn’t work for me. Screen shot instructions would be most helpful.


I honestly not sure. I think it’s a text file



Okay try read this topic I made a while back with a link on how to compile the game. Any hassles just ask, I’m familiar with this method.



Thank you it’s all good. Demo is now up on The Corp thank you to Mara who managed to upload it. Thank you for all you guys helps and hopefully I can wrap my brain around it.


@poison_mara? Good on you (if it’s you).


Yup that’s who. Always a great help!


FYI The reason I haven’t (and won’t) recommend compiling for newbs is three fold: 1) To get them a little more used to the folder structure to hopefully allow them to expand the way they think, 2) It adds an extra unnecessary step which can cause more problems, and 3) It’s more annoying to help check a game for errors when complied.

Edit: Also, when you say you didn’t understand, do you mean you didn’t understand what I cropped out of my guide, or the guide in general, because what I cropped out was meant to more directly address what JLBH seemed to be missing, and wasn’t the whole of the guide.


I was there at my laptop wanting to throw it out for window for 2 hours. However MJ has always done my coding and uploading for me and it has always gone smoothly. I appreciate her help. Hopefully one day in the near future I’ll understand it.


JH it was nothing. You only need to keep trying and be patience. Poison knows how difficult was for me all at first.


But now your a coding ninja :wink:


I actually understand that, it’s not easy to get through all the work arounds with compiling (I’ve encountered a lot the first few times I tried it) but putting it up the way you mentioned in the post was confusing. I’ve tried that before with one of my own wip and the shared link wasn’t a playable version of my wip. Whish isn’t what I was after. This is why I use the compile to create a game link. It’s also why I asked if you could explain it further because I didn’t understand how you got it to work that way. Not that I didn’t understand why you would use that method over another. Unless it’s supposed to be a downloadable file instead of a playable file as soon as the link is clicked on?

I don’t really see how that helps with understanding folder structure. Newbies aren’t recommended to change anything that’s not in the “scenes” folder. This is why I always recommend CWS’s way because as a newbie myself not too long ago this is the one that made the most sense. Comes with picture instructions so failure is minimised. Clear, concise and simple. Once you’ve done it correctly the first time, it’s easy to update the link. You only need to upload the new compiled game to the folder and it’ll replace the old one.

So I checked it out. The guide says nearly all of what you cropped out. And out of curiosity I tried your way and I still couldn’t get it to work. I got the same results I did the first few times I tried that. It also didn’t register any part of my wip? Did I miss a step or something? I followed the instructions on your guide step for step but managed to f@#k it up. Could you show step by step pictures so I can compare where I went wrong?


Are you getting a download from dropbox page? Because I bolded the way to fix that above (you have to change the address from **www.**dropbox[…] to **dl.**dropbox[…])

I actually have to see where you ended up before I have an idea of what went wrong. Can you share a link to what you get when you try what I mentioned.

(Just as an FYI, my guide is pretty skimp on uploading, I do expect to expand on it in the future, but I want to get the actual commands guide down first).


It’s just not registering my wip at all T_T" I can’t get it to work.

Nah I did that. It gives the same effect as changing it to

^link to index file within folder

^webs folder

I’m interested in getting this to work for my other wip as that has an image in it.


Ugh, I dreaded this, Dropbox changed more on me than I thought (they altered it two or three times over about a two year period, and I accounted for the first changes they made, but not the later ones that just happened last year), and I completely missed it because my account has some grandfathered features (so it doesn’t work like new accounts, unless I go out of my way to force it to).

Do you have a public folder on dropbox (that is, do you have an older dropbox account)? My guide works perfectly fine if you have an older dropbox account with one. If you don’t, it looks like dropbox is now charging for use of the feature.

As an FYI, if you want to include pictures, they just have to be in the same place as the complied html file. I’m guessing that non-public folder dropbox will also break that, but is an alternative (compile it like usual and just stick the pictures in the same place as the complied file). (Happy to help personally on that account while I figure out best place to recommend to host things).

I’ve got to do some further testing and update my guide now. Also, thanks for you help with figuring this out.


No worries, now I understand why it wasnt working for me. Yeah I got the new dropbox, kicking myself for not using it sooner. Nah, I’ve spent hours trying to get that to work for images too but dropbox will break that too. I am yet to find a way around dropbox breaking it. I’ll just have to stick with the compiled way for a while T_T" I’m gonna delete that webs folder now (contains spoilers for my next update).