Updating A Compiled Link


This is for those who don’t know about updating a compiled game link.

After months of deleting an old link to put a new one up, I have discovered that there is an easy way to just update that link for the compilers using dropbox. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I didn’t think of this sooner :facepunch: face palms. I also thought this was only possible by hosting it on a website only, I was wrong again.

I first used this method to compile and upload to dropbox.

Then, after making adjustments to the WiP use compile again but make sure the first compiled game is either located elsewhere or deleted. (This keeps the names the same, unless you rename your WiP. In which case the link address will change). Upload the new compiled game to dropbox and it will ask if you want to replace the existing file. Click “yes”. You should see the old file there while the new one is being uploaded. Once complete the old one gets replaced. Tada! Keeping the same link as before!

No more hassle of going through the whole process, over and over again. :smile: I wish I had known this sooner.

Happy Writing :smile:

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Thanks for this, it’s actually really useful and makes things so much easier, can’t believe it never occured to me!


No worries, I thought I’d put it out there since I didn’t realise it either. Glad this little piece of info is able to help someone. :ok_hand: