"This game requires JavaScript. Please enable..."[RESOLVED}


I’m trying to upload my game to dropbox. I’ve tried switching the url around with “dl” and “dropboxusercontent” but to no avail. I’ve tried a different compile.html, I’ve double checked to make sure my JavaScript is enabled, and I’ve tried multiple browsers. It still says I need to enable JavaScript. The pure mygame.html straight from my files is the only one that works. I just want to upload it to Dropbox.


This should help I believe.


I checked. JavaScript is enabled.


Did you make sure to change the name of your compiled game to game_name.html*, with the .html at the end of the compiled game file? I find I always have to add the .html manually when I compile my game in Firefox (which is my usual method).

Then I upload the compiled game to dropbox, mess about with the URL as you’ve mentioned, and then it works.

*Or whatever you decide to title your file–game_name.html is just an example.


I renamed it to game_name.html, and fooled around with the URL, got the 404 error page.


You’ll have to get a new link…once your game_name.html file is uploaded to dropbox, right click on the file in dropbox, choose “copy dropbox link”, and then change the filename. It should look something like https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcbr0xrw3qut4as/game_name.html, which you can then change to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/jcbr0xrw3qut4as/game_name.html.

And ‘game_name.html’ was just an example–you can substitute whatever you want for the title of the file, as long as it’s .html at the end. If you change the file name in dropbox, though, you have to use a new link.


It worked, thank you!