My Dropbox problem (java script)

I wanted to upload my game inside my dropbox and I did all the instruction like compiling the files. After that, I successfully upload it. But then, when I opened the file, it said “This game requires JavaScript; please enable JavaScript and refresh this page.”

So then I replaced the ‘www’ with ‘dl’ and ‘dropbox’ with ‘dropboxusercontent’.
Then it said, 404 error. Cannot find my file. :sweat:

How can I fix this?

Download this and replace the compile.html file with this instead, and recompile your game with it. Do the other steps you mentioned and you should be good to go. I’d also knock off the “?dl=0” from the link just to make to make it tidier looking.

Pretty sure this site should tell you what to do depending on your browser.

Thanks. It works! :smiley:

Thank you :blush: I did it and it works.