How can I host my game online?

Hi guys. First of all, I apologize for my English. I am Latino and I don’t speak much English.
I just finished my game on ChoiceScrypt, and it looks very pretty. What I want to do is set it up on my own website.
The question I have is how to get it. What files should I add?
I already tried to compile the game, but the result I get is a file with “.html” extension that does not include the remaining scenes or the images or sounds that I have put in “/web/mygame”
What should I do?
Thank you very much

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Have you tried to host both the .html file and the /web/mygame/ contents?

You’ll honestly be better off just hosting the game on Dashingdon.

I think you have to buy the Choicescript license if you want to host it directly on your website. It’s easier to just host it on Dashingdon and then link to the game from there.

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ChoiceScript requires a commercial license if you make any money from it. If you’re not selling or otherwise profiting from a game made with it, you don’t need a license.


Apload everything that you got when compiling the project to webserver and it should work.

You can turn images into scenes with CSIDE for compiling purposes if that helps. (That way you don’t have to host images separately.)
If you do not have all the scenes, there’s a good chance you haven’t listed them all in the scenes section of the startup page.