Packaging games for distribution?

I’m curious about using Choicescript for a few game Ideas. But I can’t find much information about packaging the games into a .exe or .apk, or similar.
Can anyone shed some light on this, or recommend some tools for doing it?

If you intend to publish your game though Hosted Games then I believe COG will take care of compiling your game for you, and you just need to send them the completed .txt files once you’ve done everything else thats required.
If you want somewhere to host your game for free, try its a fantastic website run by one of the members of the COG community, and is very popular for beta/alpha testing.

If you’re asking about using Choicescript to make your own games to sell by yourself, then be aware you’ll at least need to obtain a license from COG( and maybe some other things), and I don’t know how to compile the files, sorry.


I’m not looking to sell the games (I’d definitely go to COG for that), just wondering about compiling them for testers and such.

For testers, some authors use dashingdon with passwords on them iirc or set it on private and only can view it if the author gave it to them but don’t quote me on how to set it up. Best to look into dashingdon website for more info or the dashingdon thread here:

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