How to self-host games

So, I am making a game not in English for a friend and some other folks using ChoiceScript, my question would be: how do I self-host the game? I can’t just pass the folder with all the game code and have them download choicescript, node and stuff.
I don’t know any way to do that, so yeah, what are the options for it and which is the best one?

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You could just host it on :slightly_smiling_face:! You just need to upload your assets, mainly your .txt files, and then provide your friends with a link so they can check it out.

I don’t know their policy on WIPS in different languages but I don’t think it should be an issue.


Well, I’ll be sure to check that out, I had seen it already but it really didn’t say anything about foreign languages nor did it look to have anything in something that wasn’t English and that’s why I wasn’t sure about it, but thanks anyways

It’s simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download CS files here.
  2. Replace the text files inside .\web\mygame\scenes with the files of your game.
  3. Run compile.html, it’s in the root folder.

That’s it! It will generate an “executable” HTML that you can send to your friends.
Alternatively, you can upload to DashingDon like @ghostsnwitches suggested.


Don is really spending about $20+ per month so people can upload their CS games without hassle, as Dropbox had proven. We should thank the person more, with some cakes and chocolates.


There’s a ko-fi to help chip in for the server costs for Dashingdon if anyone wants to support the invaluable service it brings to the community! :slight_smile:


Another good option is You can make an account and host games there. (They need to be compiled and set up correctly. See the posts on the sub-q competition for instructions on how to do this. It’s not hard once you have instructions. CSIDE makes your life easier for compiling games especially if you want to include pictures :slight_smile: )

(Edit- Dashingdon’s is also a great place to host. Are you allowed to post non-english games there though?)

Just be sure that if you host on without a commercial license from COG, there’s no option to donate or pay for your game anywhere on the site!


You have to actually “opt in” and set up a paid account for that to happen. It’s not easy to do by accident unless you already have paid games up there. Default is free unless selected otherwise. There’s quite a few cs games on itch. It’s a good alternative site for games that don’t fit HG (IE too short, not English, modded etc.)