How do I upload my game?


I was wondering how and where can I upload the game I’m working on? I want to beta test with a few people and get their opinions, but I’m not sure how I can upload what I’ve made so far.

Can anyone help me?


Upload where?


@Ethrial I agree with jason that is a broad question.


I had an old website that I made which I used to upload a demo of my game.
You can do the same.

Make a website via
Then click filemanager
Then (unless you pay for premium) one by one upload the files of your game.
Make subfolders so that each file is in the same place as on your hard drive
(For example, upload the individual files in your “web” folder. Then make a sub folder called “mygame” and upload the correct files to there as well. Then in the “mygame” folder you created, make a third subfolder called “scenes” and put your individual scenes in there).

Then, once you have uploaded all the files, you can just double-click your index.html file and it should load your game in a new web browser.
Copy the url address and email to your friends!


Note: I have had a few problems with and updating files that I’ve uploaded.

If anyone can recommend a better site to upload games to, it would be appreciated! But for testing, this should be fine.


@ jasonstevanhill and cool74 - the where is part of the question. I’ve got part of the game I’m working on done and I want my friends to beta test. I was wondering WHERE and HOW to upload it so people can play it and tell me what they think. I only know basic coding skills and so I was unsure of how to upload the entirety of the game.

Andymwhy answered my question, thanks for that. But yes if there are any other ideas on how or where to upload the files so people can play my games then that would be much appreciated.


@Ethrial Thanks for asking this question. You’ve saved me the trouble of asking it myself.

@andymwhy Thanks for your answer. I have attempted to post my game on before but couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. Now I know! (No sub folders :-S )


Is there no other way?


You can use drop box in uploading your game so anyone can play it, provided that you give them a link to play. :smiley:


@Aera is correct dropbox is free and used by most members.


Ok what about if you want to sell your game as a download online and not give it away for free, or put it on your blog (Is that possiable)? just starting out so if I said something stupid feel free to tell me so I dont continue making a fool of myself XD.


Did you read this page of the choiceofgames website yet? (not sure if it’ll answer your question, but it’s something)


No not really lol. Idk how comfortable I am Learning a whole new program. Have some experience with Renply and Jstory and just never got close to the finishing line like I am now and mostly just played around with it out of boredom, At first it was how do I use the programs and now soon it will be Ok now how do I distribute it (currently working on something in Renply) lol. Plus the Idea of only getting 25% seems kind of blah when I already have a fan base off of some of the other stuff I do online and an Idea of how to market it.


I think the programming language ChoiceScript is licensed by ChoiceofGames, so I doubt you’d be allowed to distribute something written with that coding language in some other way than those stated in the link above. You could of course ask them for permission, but it’s their call whether they’ll agree with that or not.

See the license for more information: