How to post a CoG to a website

I want to post my CoG The Age of Sail on my website. But I don’t have the first idea about how to go about doing this. Any help would be great.

Well you need to be able to log in to your website. Is it a free website or do you have a domain name? There are many ways to do it like using an “ftp program” but windows can do it as well.

If you have a domain name then you need to log into your domain where-ever it’s hosted. For example my domain is

So if i wanted to log into my domain to upload files I would…

  1. open any folder on my computer
  2. in the address bar i would delete whatever it says there and type
  3. It will do a popup asking for my username and pass - I would type it in
  4. It will then log in and show me a bunch of folders on the internet where my site is hosted. You need to look for public_html or www (those are usually the names) What ever files you put there will show up on your site eg.
  5. Just make a folder in there called games or whatever you like then upload contents of your game to there. so get your choicescript folder and the one that says mygame you would upload that whole thing. BE SURE TO DELETE THE FILE CALLED .htaccess I uploaded it and it SCREWED UP my website big time so dont upload it you dont need it.
  6. Done

I don’t know who recommended it (it was someone on this forum, but I’m to lazy to search :p), but I used It worked wonderfully for me, including more than I hoped for. Also, you only have to upload everything that is in the file where the first Index Files is (not the file where mygame.js in, but the file before that). Also, as Blade mentioned, the .htaccess file is not needed, but won’t recognize and allow you to upload it anyways.

I want to use but I don’t know where to upload the files.

I figured out how post the game on The demo will be up in a week or so. Hope everyone likes it.

For others interested in trying this: once you sign up for free service, there’s a 7-DAY WAITING PERIOD before they let you upload .html pages! Unless you upgrade to their paid service, of course…

If you’re looking to host a game right now, I’d look elsewhere. I was pretty disappointed. On the other hand, there probably aren’t too many free options that allow you to upload your own files instead of use their templates.

Just tried Very simple to use, with helpful uploader, but have to upgrade to paid version, or your website will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR 20 MINUTES!

I have a short game I’d like to post, so I’m posting what works and doesn’t here, hopefully save others the trouble.

The link to the website I set up for the game is below. I will include a link to the game soon since I still have six more days of that nasty little waiting period.

The game is up on different website for now. But here is the link for you guys to
play it:

That link can also be found on the game’s website below.

Do you want me to proofread your work? Because I am 2 slates in, and I can already spot five errors which should be fixed. They are spelling, grammar, or word choice errors though, and can be fixed quickly. On top of that, there are a lot of “choosing” errors (you can pick gunnery as a strength and a weakness).

Also, I am 10 slates in, and I can already remember most of the things you’ve done being exactly the same in Choice of Broadsides. Barometric pressure, 36-gun ships, being acting lieutenant, not to mention the stats being the same, and the second slate being copied directly from part of the broadsides. Then there is the sloop, the Captian on the ship (other than the Victory) on it being disliked instantly by you…

I would change the entire start of the story. It is so similar to Choice of Broadsides, it is almost insulting to the makers of the original. Also, I would get someone to help you beta it, as there are a lot of spelling errors, grammar errors, and general game flaws.

The game ended extremely quickly; when you get your ship, that should be when the excitement starts, not when it ends. I’d add a few more sequences to there.

A few more characters would not go amiss.

The later ideas are quite good, but slightly flawed. The cannibals seem like a random and pointless prize to be rewarded with. Just a little more information should go there.

I’m confident there are a lot of errors please post them all and I will fix them ASAP. But hey this is what beta is for. Thanks for your help.

Wow, it sounds exactly like Choice of Broadside…
For a second I tot I was playing the wrong game. I though I somehow got sent to Broadside till i realize it was not.

You need to change it up a bit… err… a lot it’s too similar to the original, I doubt that they CoG will allow you to use that and sell it, but maybe they will, who knows.

Bump for this thread.

There have been a few questions about how to host a game recently and this thread should answer most of them.

@Draconian @Cagye_bee

Yeah, I saw the first slate, it’s pretty much a mirror image of CoB.