Hosting on my own site?


Setting up my IF site and was wondering the easiest way to host a CoG game on there. It’s wordpress, if that makes any difference. Anyone done this before?


Following, because I asked the same kind of question earlier. :slight_smile:


Upload the files to a folder in your C:panel.
That *should solve it.
Unless of course, you don’t have hosting, just Wordpress, then it’s a different process, wordpress is more of an application and site builder rather than getting a hosting plan from a domain registrar on their servers.


Okay wicked, thank you! I’ve got my FTP set up and everything, I know my way around the back end, too. Just wanted to make sure I could do it. I imagine I just link someone to the index for them to play it?


@penguoctopus yes, that’d be the way to do it.