We can host our created WIP anywhere as long as we don’t gain any monetary compensation, right?

Hello everyone, sorry for this question but I’ve been arguing with my friend and they said they think it is fine to host the game on patron website so they can have piggy money to use for paying for art cover or whatever flare they want.

I forgot where it was mentioned that we can host our choice script created games as long as we don’t charge money from the player/reader for it.

I know that is not allowed, but I can’t locate where it was mentioned, or I could have missed it. I’ve been searching the Choice of Games Forum Rules, the official Choice of Games about page and I’ve been digging at the blog page with no luck.

Can anybody please post the link about it? (No screenshots please, I can’t read that one)

They have not done this yet just to clarify, but they are contemplating it and I use singular they as this is only one person.

Any help because they do not believe me when I said it not allowed. I know I’m right on this I just need to prove it.


Like a site to hold your beta you mean?

Thanks, @Carlos.R I just looked at the about page read it and did not try the other links. Just finished reading it and located the Q and A portion. Thanks again. Now I can show this and be a smart ass lols. Really thou thanks a bunch.

@Adam_VanCleave_Perro Don’t know. I don’t have any game on beta and my WIPs here are all close. As far as I know, they have not created a game yet but are contemplating about it. Sorry, I’m not getting your question, but I did get my answer so yeah I’m all good.


The actual language is “make money,” which includes ads and donations, not just direct charges. As the FAQ says:

Q) What if there’s a “Donate” button on the webpage with the game?
A) That falls under the phrase “making money”.

P.S. I know you got this already – just spelling it out for the sake of anyone who skims the thread and doesn’t spot the answer in the FAQ.