Hosting Works in Progess


Hey guys and girls,

I just signed up here the other day and now I’ve had time to lurk around a bit I thought I’d make a (very small) contribution.

I noticed a lot of people here use to host their in progress games.
I’ve got an alternative to suggest, for those who think making an account there or going through the probation(?) period is a tad annoying or tedious, perhaps.

I’m sure some - if not all - of you have heard of dropbox (
It’s a filedump site essentially but it’s got some additional features that lend themselves well to developing a choicescript game (I find).

You can make an account on their site and upload files to folders, share folders and all that as per any other site.
The great bit is the desktop application, if you download this it’ll create a duplicate of your dropbox folder/s on your pc and as long as you’re connected to the internet it’ll sync it with your online account, meaning if you change the file on your pc it updates the dropbox file to match, automatically.

Now at first glance, Dropbox doesn’t actually work with choicescript games, something to do with the permissions mess it up. To get around this if you upload your game INSIDE the “Public” folder on your account and then right click the index file to get the “public link”, it’ll work an absolute treat!

People can access your game via that link and play it just like they would if it were hosted on a website, but the best bit? If you update your choicescript game just copy the updated file (doesn’t even have to be the whole game) into your dropbox folder on your desktop and click overwrite, it’ll automatically update the online version without you having to log into a control panel and upload all the files manually :slight_smile:

Here’s an example (just the base choicescript one):

I find this a GREAT help, whether you guys do or not is another matter but I thought I’d share the find regardless!

Happy Choice Making!

  • CJ


Eh, I’d again argue this is a far less effective method than hosting it on webs.

  1. As you pointed out: It doesn’t actually host the game, while webs does. With Dropbox you’re relying on the individuals to know to (and want to) unzip the file and run the correct Index (something that a surprisingly large number of people can’t do, even on this forum), plus it prevents those of us that prefer to use Google Chrome from using our preferred browser.

  2. The whole it’s quicker to use than webs thing isn’t really true either after the seven day wait. All you need to do is copy your text files into the ones on webs.


…It does…and no it’s not a zip? Try the example before jumping to conclusions ^^


Oh wow. I stand corrected. I thought it was going to be how you set up the other one (just as a zip file). Sorry about that. That does make me pause, however, why didn’t you set your own game up like this?


I have done it’s just not ready for public viewing yet; too short, boring and buggy :smiley:


Dropbox is great. I’ve been using it with ChoiceScript so I have access to my game files from anywhere. However, I didn’t know it could be used like this! When I have time I’ll set up Blackraven for quick access.


Yep, it simplifies the process dramatically, if (when?) I finally get around to sharing some of my own stuff I’ll use DB


@CJW: Brilliant solution. Implementing now.


Has anybody used the android app for thid. I do most of my writing on my laptop then transfer to my phone to upload. Being a truck driver connections for my laoptop are far and few, but can get on the web with my phone fairly often.


Yes there is some functionality for the android app, I do use it on rare occassion. Wouldn’t it be easier however, to tether your phone’s net with your laptop (use your phone as a wireless router)?


can u do that


With most smartphones (and a data plan), yes. :slight_smile:

Although wireless variants do tend to be pretty hard on the phone’s battery.


I looked into tethering but they don’t offer it with my package and if I went with a third party program there’s a chance it could screw up my phone.


Regardless the android application is definitely worth having, if you’re into working on the move :slight_smile:


Lol thats me. I spend two months on the road then three days home then do it all over again. I will check it out then thanks.


Ok guys, just a quick update here.
Dropbox have announced a change to their sharing system, which involves the the removal of public folders and their links.

Now - as far as I’m aware - current accounts will be able to retain public functionality, so if you already have a db account at the time of writing, this shouldn’t affect you.

If however you plan to make a db account from here on out, the above method of hosting your game may very well NOT be possible. I’ll be looking into the new share system myself in due course and will update this as necessary, with an updated tutorial, if possible.


That really sucks for new writers. This has been such a great tool the way it is. If I had the skill I would create something like this on my site but alast I only know html. Well it will be intresting to see what they do as far as changes. I would be willing to host new writers on my site but would need someone far smarter then myself to set up a system that would be easy to use. Just a thought for a time that DB stops being a good tool.


Lordirish I might be able to help you I have no experience with websites but I catch on fast and I’m good with compters


Thank ya @Talon5505 but this is something for down the road if DB ever stops being useful. And then its going to take someone like @eposic to program a usefull enough tool. I really like DB, and encourge noobs to use it, but if they change it then I would be willing to work with a group if that’s what it takes to create something they could run from my site. I pay every three years so get a great price, and have no limit on storage or bandwith. So we shall see how it goes. Of course if someone wanted to set something up now that would be fine with me as well.


@Lordirish, what sort of control panel does your server use?