Easy ways to host choicescript projects online?

Are there any easy ways to host choicescript online, anything similar to what some people do out of Dropbox (which lags tf out of my computer) or Dashingdon (which doesn’t support an edited style.css).
Thanks for the help!

Dropbox has 0 lag for me. I don’t like their client, I just upload via their site.

I have a fairly outated and heavily preused computer :slight_smile:
Everything lags for me, my computer goes straight to 100% computer usage by opening notepad.
However, google drive is only fairly laggy. Would hosting it on there be possible?

I don’t know, but I think Dropbox should have 0 lag for youtoo.

The online web page is just an unload link and running it is no more intensive than a browser. Also, if others run it, it isn’t accessing your computer anyway, so no lag.

Jeez I really need to get a new computer :confused:

webs.com still works IIRC (It’s been a long time since I looked). There’s a week wait on the account though.

ah ok!
Thanks, I’ll try to look into it (if not I can always just give out a compilation with only a mediocre risk of people peeping into the flles).

@Lordirish might be able to help though his website is still under construction…Lord?

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I can host no problem but you have to use an FTP and the server does not update very fast. An update can take up to a day or so to show the new changes.

I’ve found dropbox good to use, even when I had my super-old windows xp computer. You just avoid using the client, which is annoying and use the website.

BUT!!! I also remember the days when everything took hours to download. Sooooo my interpretation of good might be skewed. :slight_smile:


Hehe I went from an amazing gaming pc (that broke because of virus my siblings put on) to this dumpy police auction laptop, so my expectation is probably too high
(But I’m still assuming dropbox shouldn’t make your computer get overheating warning)

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No it shouldn’t :confused:
Does it lag elsewhere? I’ve had issues with browser addons messing with some sites and causing general lagging so maybe try disabling them to see if that helps.

If its general lagging could be “old computer syndrome” or malware. Try running both addware and virus specific programs (I’m sure you know this but be careful which ones you use otherwise you’ll have Norton battling it out with AVG on your desktop which will be worse than you have- I’ve seen it happen, not pretty). Cloud supported (ie hitmanpro) and specific tools from malwarebytes are free and I’ve seen pick up problems which have been missed by my regular virus programs.

To be honest, it’s probably the fact that this is laptop is low on memory combined with the old computer crappiness…
Stupid GoG Galaxy
But really all my addons are noscript, ghostery, and adblocker.
My antivirus is ~sigh~ avast the spammy antivirus

Run CCleaner a couple of times, use AVG, defrag your drives, and uninstall everything you don’t use.

Hehe this is the family pc, someone would get mad if I did that.