Pay to Play?


Hey, I have been working on a game for awhile and I think its coming along pretty well. I was intending to forward it the choicesprict staff and follow the necessary steps to see the game published and put on the market. I may not have put enough research into this before posting, but I decided it would be easier to just ask instead of digging. Does Choice of Games no longer host free games?

Don’t get me wrong all the games, both player made and CoG, are well worth $1 but in all honesty I just wanted to make a game people could play for free.

My game is close to 100 pages deep on its longest plot line and there are several others i’m still editing before i continue writing. So my question is should I just edit out all the Choicescript specific Vars and transfer it to another hosting source like the game-book source, or does CoG still host free games? It will set my back weeks of editing to fit the game into another format, but i’m willing to work a little longer if I have to.


i say make it free because i have a device that doesnt let me buy certain choice games
its a kindle Fire


I would very much like to make it free to play, but every new release has had a price tag attached to it which makes me think that CoG doesn’t host games that do not make it money lol.


well why dont you ask @jasonstevenhill about it


Im going to, I was hoping someone would have a quick answer lol


the only choice games that are free are choice of romance 1+2, cov,coz,cod,cob ect


i hope CoG makes the 3rd choice of romance game FREE!!! and maybe a 2nd choice of broadsides


Well the way most people do it is make the original free then all the sequels cost you.


2nd was free ;:wink:


I am not 100% sure but the reason CoG use to publish free games was that advertising helped defer the cost. Unfortunately, advertising no longer is an option, so setting a price to download is the only way to defer the costs.

If you want to do a free game, just post it online. Mobile browsers can still view it.


Yeah but look at Zombie Exodus. Its probably one of the more high end games on the site and thats what they did.


Ive talked to a guy that released a couple of games on the App Market similar to CoG, im just gonna rip the game out of the Choice Script and edit it to fit the specs for the new format. It isn’t as classy or as popular as CoG, but he has a small cult following so my game will get played lol.


I made Zombie Exodus. At the time it came out, free games were still an option. But if you found another option, good luck and let us know when it’s released so we can read it.


whats your game called @Bradok


Will do, and keep up the great work! Im looking forward to some more of your games!


I’d also been wondering if the free app option was still available. My concern isn’t so much about making money and more about getting a game played by a larger audience than I would if I posted it on some out-of-the-way website.

Not much I can do if that’s not a viable option anymore. Unless, of course, there are plans to fix the in-game advertising situation. I’m not opposed to waiting to submit something if that still seems possible in the future.


Its called Eternia. It’s set in a High-Fantasy setting with an original setting and environment, although I am using Tolkien style races. Basically the game starts and you get a brief narrative about the setting and whats going on. The game actually branches quite a bit so it had taken a long time to get through the first section.

The way I keep it organised is through world events. The first big event that happens is a high council being called. One play through may have you there, while another may have you no where near the same city. It took quite a bit of work to tie it all together, but so far there are three major plot lines that go nearly 100 pages deep, with a bunch of little side things that will help diversify every play through.


It sounds interesting. What’s the word count?


Man…hold on let me check lol


Right now its just about 50k. Im nearing the final section of the book so its will probably end up around 70.