Is there a way to suggest game ideas? And what of free games?

New to this but, is a fan of “Choice of games” I was wondering if anyone can tell me a way to suggest game ideas instead of making them? Also wondering if their will be any new free games, cause I’m a fan of “Choice of Dragons” .


1st welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your stay :wink:

2nd , no . There isn’t a place where you can ‘‘Suggest’’ your idea and others make it for you . This place has reader and writers , and many do try to make their own .

You can of course, post your ideas in the Interest Check here : Interest Check Thread

And make sure to clarify that you are offering your idea if anyone is interested . Just be nice and don’t pester anyone to use them . Writing is a skill that take alot of time , and when you add coding…it become harder .

Choiceofgames is a business first and foremost . So its up to them to decide what can be free or not . I don’t know why Choice of the dragon was free , maybe it was the author decision, or the compagny . But above all, they are here to sell stories games .


Welcome! If you are interested in free games, there are a few others, especially on the Hosted Games label. It is true that they don’t tend to release a lot of them, because ad revenue sucks noodles. It still happens every now and then, though.


Maybe it was a test to see if people will download games like it?


CoD (Choice of Dragons you filthy casul) is one of the first games published by CoG, even written by Jason himself iirc.


Lol can’t say I disagree

Could have been a test or could have been cause he wanted to see how,many would play it.

I’ve played some of the free games on “hosted games” most of them I played the rest were trials. If anything the trials are better then most of the free games but, it’s cause of my taste of games I pefer.

I think I remember Jason said that, since it was one of the shortest game as well as earliest, might as well throw it up on the store for free so people can get a taste on how CoG would generally… tastes.


Oh ok, but if that was the case then wouldn’t a few other games be free if their just as short?

The point of Choice of Dragon is to simply showcase Choicescript and not only attract readers but encourage writers to make their games using this program. Compare that to other “short” games and they are a lot more complex and whatnot than CoD. Even then, as I would later learned, it is up to the author to decide whether to set a price on their game, have it free or even let the company (Choice of Games) decide, irrespective of the length of their story (with Hosted, at least).


Yea tru, but wouldn’t making a free game help get more people to buy their other made games? If they like the game they made for free then they would in case support him by buying the priced games.


But they did do this–with Choice of Dragons and the other free Hosted Games. I think even just one free game to entice you to buy others made by the same author or from the same brand is fair, no?


While I understand the wish for free games. Please keep in mind, that even a short game costs a lot more time than most people think. Time the creator spends for free. Without knowing if it may rise future sales, it might even get more people think that other games from the author should be free too.
So the games just have demos, If you are not to buy a game after playing the Demo, chances are high that you would not buy a game, after getting one free. At least I think so.
For my taste too many people think things should be free although others worked hard for it. I am not saying you are one of them, it is just what I catch up from reviews and Store comments.


Look in the omnibus and use the Free tag on the Search page.


I was just asking if their would be free games, if not then ok. I do though have a few ideas though if anyone is interested.

Where is it located?


Search up: “Choice of Games” or “Hosted Games” applications on Play Store/GPlay. Those are omnibus, a library containing all the important assets of the entire CoG/HG games, respectively.


If you mean the free games on those apps then i played them already most are boring, others are good, and the rest is complicated.

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