Interest Check Thread

This thread is for anyone that wants to do an interest check. If you have yet to make a demo, post in this thread rather than making a new thread. Once you have a demo, you make a thread for your game specifically (either by clicking the link button at the bottom of your post, then selecting “New Topic”, or by just creating a new post in the #hosted-games:works-in-progress catagory.


Going to go ahead and check for interest first.

A Pact of Princesses - In a strange land populated largely by cartoonish and colorful creatures, there are seven Kingdoms. Though Kings have faded from memory, the Pact ensures each Kingdom continues to appoint its rulers: one Prince, and six Princesses.

You are a citizen of the Lily Kingdom, whose Princess has led it through an era of prosperity and culture. But once more, the harrumphs shout and the lilicoras weep: the Princess is dead, long live the Princess. And, by the lottery system that has stood the test of time, you have been chosen to be the next Princess. Will you set the same example as your predecessor, or will the lottery come far sooner this year? And will you be able to avoid disaster, knowing that Brother Sky lives?

Inspired partly by the “princess lottery” at the beginning of Midnight Cinderella, partly by the strange rarity and prominence of human beings in the Mario games, and partly by things cooked up by my own imagination. The game is gender-locked female for plot! purposes, and because I feel like helping even the ratios a bit.

Key features:
Wear a fantastic dress! Or don’t, that’s honestly up to you.
Participate in the kind of geopolitics you would probably never see in a Nintendo game!
Meet odd creatures like the flower-but-also-cat-bird lilicoras, the short-gender-indeterminate-beings-in-fancy-robes shaderel, and the strangest of all: human beings.
Find out what Brother Sky is and why him being alive is a terrible thing for humanity!


Some may remember the demo that I made a while back called Crimson Reapers, which followed the player as they fought back to retake their home country as a fighter pilot. School and familial matters prevented me from working on it, and I wonder if people are still interested. BUT. But. I’ve conceptualized a new perspective that I may just re-write the game in. So, perspective 1 is the original, fight to re-take homeland. Perspective 2 will have the player playing as a pilot in the invading military. So, here’s a poll.

  • Perspective 1
  • Perspective 2

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Link to old thread:Crimson Reapers (Kinda dead/on Hiatus)

So, here’s some new features:
Aircraft diagrams to provide a visual reference (maybe)
Aircraft choice, planned ~10 fighter aircraft, probably less though
Choices actually matter and impact the war effort
Death of squadmates/wingmen
weapon loadouts

New demo will be released sometime soon, and will be different than that of the old thread (If the vote favors perspective 2).

K, bye y’all.


I don’t mind with either perspective, though.
Is there any particular difference between the two, other than the side we’re playing?


Mainly, the aircraft selection will be different. I’m planning for one side to use NATO and Chinese aircraft, and the other will use US and Russian aircraft. I will, however, change certain elements in the names and designations of the aircraft. For example, the American F-15 will be changed to something like the FL-15.

Additionally, the story will be somewhat different, in order to make sense depending on what perspective I write it in.


@deznutes That actually sounds promising.


So, as the summer approaches, and my first year of university wraps up, I’ve been looking at taking on a project. With my course transfer now complete, and my excitement at starting my English degree, I figured writing a game was a good way to go. And having looked through my old idea journals, I just couldn’t decide which one to do. So, my lovely people of the forum, I request your help. Most of them are very under developed and need much more fleshing out, so others may seem more appealing due to the details, but please vote on which premise you think has the most potential. Massive thank you to anyone and everyone that takes the time to read the synopsis’ and vote.

The Magic of Talent

When you find yourself bestowed with magical abilities, you decide to do the only logical thing; Enter the worlds most famous talent competition! Will you keep the reality behind your talents secret, or display them with flair. Are you in it for the fame, or the prize money that could help your family live a better life. Try to learn where your magic came from, and weave your way through social interactions with other contestants, judges, and production staff.


You’ve found yourself in a predicament. A gun pointed at you, with your only chance of survival being to cash in the poker chip you have in your pocket. But you know that once you do, they’ll have you. As you find yourself owing the local Pier Cartel a favour, you must decide what it means for you. Is this a way in to the gang and a life of crime, or a chance for you to rid your town of these thugs once and for all. Will you climb the ladder of the cartel and rise to the top, or bring them down from the inside with the help of a determined detective?

It's Not Easy Being Dead

Life as a zombie’s not so bad, at least not for you. Whilst the limping, grunting, braindead minions that make up 99.9% of the zombie population roam the deserted streets of London in search of survivors to chow down on, you’ve had to deal with something more important; the other 0.1%. See, you don’t limp and grunt like the others, and your brain certainly isn’t dead. If anything, the afterlife you’re now living has made it more alive than ever. As one of the special few that isn’t completely gone with the virus, not only do the 99.9% not want to eat you, but they actually listen to you. And whilst your hunger for brains is still ever present, and your body easily damaged due to your lack of pain, you are still passable as human. So, what will it be; lead a horde of mindless zombies and conquer the streets of fallen London, or filter for special mutations and lead an elite group of, still mindless, but gifted zombies? Or will you try to find survivors and help them look for a cure? Will you do you work alone, or make ties with one of the emerging factions; the Rotten Hand, The Council of Undying Breath, or The Last Heart? Because, when you’re both dead and alive, you will always have to choose a side.

A Degree in Life

No superpowers. No Aliens. No crime to solve or criminal to catch. Just a regular person looking for love. This is definitely the least fleshed out idea of mine but being a person that tends to be more interested in the romance options with the actual storyline taking a back seat, I thought it could be cool to have a game that focuses on just that. Of course, there would be some form of plotline (thinking university fresher who just started their English Degree). So instead of battle scenes you’d have beer pong and boat races. Instead of evil villains, you’d have that one guy who lives in your accommodations who’s a bit of a d-bag. Instead of victims to rescue, you’d have nights carrying home your friend who’s a bit too drunk. There’s no overarching goal, and I’d probably keep your actual studies and exams out of the game, so you can focus on interacting with friends and potential RO’s. Just a casual, normal person, looking to see what the uni experience is all about.

A Spark of Change

When you died, you didn’t expect for it to be in an alleyway. And if you did, there were so many more ways it could have gone. A mugger with an itchy trigger finger. A feral cat with fast acting rabies. A falling AC unit. But an invisible monster that you couldn’t see until after the deed, definitely wasn’t on your list. When you died you could see more than before. You could see your lifeless body slumped against the wall. You could see the monstrosity that ripped your chest wide open. You could even see the man in white robes that was yelling for you to run. As the robed man hurries you away, he brings you to a large oak tree, standing alone in the middle of a field. As the secret passage opens, he reveals to you the truth; that dying isn’t the end, at least not for those that died in similar circumstances to you. As demon’s hunt mortals, the prey that escaped their final death are recruited by the Oracle. Assigned into one of 4 families, these trapped souls learn to command one of the 4 elements, but once your basic training comes to a close, and assignment day approaches, what the Oracle has to say may change everything.

  • The Magic of Talent
  • Anchorpoint
  • It’s Not Easy Being Dead
  • A Degree in Life
  • A Spark of Change

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Thanks. Though, as some players of the demo may see, I am better at concepts that I am at actually writing…


I don’t really find the prospect of playing as a middle school kid for the entire book that interesting.

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Would anyone want to read a modern-day romance set at a racetrack? Not revolving around the jockeys, trainers, or any of that typical stuff. Rather, you show up at the track on a whim to learn about betting and end up winning a lesson on love.

Being modern times and all, things don’t have to be limited to getting a phone number. It would also be possible to hook up if you and your adventuresome new lover can find a place away from the crowd. More than once even… and not necessarily with the same person!

I am hoping to write something that will get your heart… Uhm… racing.

Gender choice of course. With any orientation (or combination of orientations!) you feel like chasing.

Does this sound like something anyone would want to read?


After thinking long and hard about why my first attempted game failed, I’m now contemplating a different story in the same setting. However, there is one core component of the story that I feel might be a limiting factor, so to speak, on the potential audience.

Would you play a game about a character who kills his father?

The PC in this game is not supposed to be a villain, or rather, is not an obligate villain. Motivations behind killing the father would vary by character choices. I might write in a way to end the game without the killing, but that would be the rarer end. Most likely it would require a specific set of circumstances and choices.

A darker interpretation of the PC would murder his father in cold blood, while a more charitable interpretation might kill his father in battle, and for reasons more selfless.


That does sound mmmmmmm racy…
I like the idea a lot 4 sure.
It’s not easy being dead sounds like fun and the college one also sounds like fun…


“Annnnd their off!”

Started writing after I first read your reply. It’s going to take a while. Only thing getting rode are horses right now. 6 ROs, split between male and female. There will even be chances to gamble. Some will like that I bet.


Ahhhh I see what you did there…
Good Luck on your story!!
(I personally love to gamble, maybe the winning horse always changes?? DM me if you need ideas :+1::yum:)


Yeah, it’s something I think could work if there is a good reason for it. Look at the new wip “mass mother murder” there you’re just a murder.


Sounds cool!! Can’t wait for a demo!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:


Definitely my type of WIP interesting concept will be pleasantly awaiting more


Ok, so voting is closed, and I will start work on perspective 2 soon. Anyone feel free to PM me if they have any questions not answered in the post here or in the topic I linked.


This is actually really interesting I want to see how it comes out