Crimson Reapers (Kinda dead/on Hiatus)

I made a thread a while back called RED REAPERS (which can be found HERE:The Red Reapers (interest gauge/Idea) OLD, SEE NEW LINK)
Which this game IS pretty much, but not (if that makes sense :sweat_smile:?) In which you flew in the Air force during a war with china.The demo really sucked, and I couldn’t continue it, seeing as personal matters left me unable to use my laptop for a while.
The changes that I have decided to make in relation to the old idea have changed the countries (takes place in an alternate universe), and some of the aircraft available.
But I’m back now, and have a small demo up. It’s sorta forced in which you are in college for a degree and why you joined the military. But anyways, here’s a list of aircraft that you may fly (may be changed due to trademark stuff, other planes may be added):
F-16 Falcon
F-15 Eagle
F-22 Raptor
F-35 Lightning

I plan for there to be a better stat screen, more customization options of the MC, and for the MC to choose a call-sign in the next few updates.

So feel free to point out areas where improvement can be made, suggestions, ERRORS(there will be many), and ask any questions on your guys’ mind. So, here you go.

Oh yeah and here’s an aircraft suggestion poll:

  • SAAB-37 Viggen
  • Dassault Rafale
  • Panavia Tornado
  • F/A-18 Super hornet

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I don’t find error but I found typo:

  • You sit in the autitorium of your university,


  • Your wallet slips, and you pick it up before looking back o the podium.


  • While he tries to rile you up, all he succeds in doing is make an imbecile of himself.


The war, during it’s first months, the war went terribly for the Entherians and Ahzlovakians.

I found it weird that there two “the war” it may just me though.

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just 2 things when its talking about the war it says eachother instead of each other. Also right after you graduate it says The Roar shouldnt it be The roar (unless roar is meant to be capitalized for some reason)

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Is this mostly about flying aircraft

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yeah, during wartime, so there will be combat.

Update 1: Added relationships to stat screen, as well as a war effort meter. The stat screen, however, is currently a wall of stats. Added a flight scene, though that mostly explains lore behind location of airbase. next update is planned to be on the 15th of august.


You sit in the auditorium of your university, the graduation speech drawing many applause. The dean of your university, Mr.Richard Snowfield, begins calling graduates up to the flag-adorned stage to hand them their degrees.

It should be much applause

Really glad that there’s another modern military WiP :slightly_smiling_face:


I think “the graduation speech draws applauses from the whole room” sounds more natural :thinking:

And back to the story, I can’t help but to imagine we’re flying at a clear sky above the forest-y area of the Erusian Continent. :rofl:

I love it that you use the setting of a fictional world instead of the normal US-Russia-China cliche conflicts. It’s just… too predictable to be realistic, and too unrealistic to be non-predictable…
I’m rambling.

By the way, the pacing from graduation to became a pilot feels a bit feel rushed. I think it can improved, somehow :thinking:

Oh, and some questions!
Is there a chance we can fly, or at least see, non-US aircrafts? (sukhois, eurofighters, etc.)

Besides, I’d love to see PAK-FA flies at the mid of the action. :hugs:
:cloud: :airplane: :cloud:

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Yeah, since the aircraft you can fly are being worked on, it would be easy to implement those, due to the way I’ve coded planes so we’ll see about flying those… Though there will DEFINITELY be non-US aircraft appearing…
Thanks for the questions!


I did a bit of research and concluded that I’m right :sweat_smile:

Edit :and what you said is right too sorry didn’t see that before

You know that’s not what I meant :expressionless:

@deznutes Oh, NOICEEE!
Thx for the answers.

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Erusia? Ace combat Erusia? Funny, seeing as this game is partially influenced by Ace combat…

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Ace Combat 7 coming in 2018
Federal Republic of Ahzlovakia = Estovakia
Varstock airbase = Valais + Rostock

I don’t think so :sunglasses:


So I decided to put in a poll for potential aircraft that I’ll add, have fun with that. :+1:

Are you going to stay with modern fighters or are you willing to go for slightly older planes like the F-14 Tomcat or F-15 Eagle?

Thanks Everyone, those have been addressed and will be fixed in the update on the 15th

The F-15 is already in the game, check the description, and is one of the main aircraft in the series. thanks for the question though :grinning:. The F-14 though… It’s hard to say. I’m not sure if that would work, I would have to code another character in place of the weapons officer… Maybe though…Maybe…

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But…but… my 80’s nostalgia requires me needing to play “Danger Zone” at loud volumes while speaking about my need to move at high velocities…


The funny thing is I’m planning to implement a scene where you can “buzz” your base’s control tower, so the F-14 would perfectly fit that… :joy:

So I’ve closed the poll (Yall really like the f/a-18 :joy:) and so the f/a-18 is going to be added. (may add other aircraft… maybe…)


You can’t expect us to not choose this beauty
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