The Red Reapers (interest gauge/Idea) OLD, SEE NEW LINK

So this game would be my first attempt at a choice script game. It will be a fighter pilot (Game?) set in a near future, in which you and your fighter wing will fight against North Korea, or Russia. I have yet to integrate the idea into choice script. So far, this is just in the idea phase, and I might upload the demo in a week or so. As of now, this discussion is meant to be an interest gauge, and feel free to post suggestions in the comments.
If this does make it past the idea phase, then the project will include
Customization of your plane
Your own nickname (Maverick, Iceman, Etc)
Winning or losing the war
Dying during any battle (depends on choice)
Being promoted (leading the wing)

Some possible planes in the game:
LORAL f-19s
SR-71 (combat variant?)
Some modified F-22s
and some original planes

NEW LINK:Crimson Reapers (Kinda dead/on Hiatus)


I’m assuming there will be an explanation as to why were fighting against Russia/North Korea.

Also, how futuristic will this WIP be? Like, sci-fi futuristic? Or a couple of years futuristic?

Sorry for sounding redundant.:sweat_smile:

Ah, and good luck with CS. It can be a little challenging to get a hang of sometimes, but if someone like me can learn how to grapple with it(albeit somewhat messily) then anybody can.

Thanks. I am still working on as to why the U.S. is fighting Russia/North Korea, but I do know that it will take place in a few years. However, It might involve early scram jet fighter planes, maybe even some early laser weapons.I will post some links on what some planes in the game will look like.

I’d be into this if thier is forbidden gay romance.

I might implement some romance system down the line, gay and/or straight.

Being in a dogfight(isn’t that what aerial battles with planes are called) might dampen our romantic prospects, but I guess we’ll have time in between to explore. :wink:

On that note, will this be gender-locked? I assume not, since this is futuristic.

No, it will not be gender locked. I have recently re-watched Top Gun, and I am thinking of adding romance options with civilian and military characters. This might affect the players perspective in battle. For example, if the player starts a romance with a civilian, in combat I might add a little line in which the player thinks of his/her boy/girlfriend, and if they lose the battle their BF/GF will die (maybe).

I dont like the Idea of caracter death that much, atleast in a game like this where that just means reloading, skiping through text and then picking the other option.
Having other consequences for my bad choices would work MUCH better, like losing squadmates, failing the mission and getting demoted, stuff like that

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F-18s, the navy’s super hornet. It would be safe to say you already have my interest in this, good luck!

Donald Trump butchers negotiations after misfire from a naval training exercise decimating a small village?


Hello everyone! I apologize for no demo, as I have been busy with school and personal matters. In addition to this, there has been trouble with uploading the demo to dashing don (I know, I cannot use Dropbox). I will upload the demo as soon as I can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s ok, I’ll be patient for the demo. I can’t wait though this sounds really good!

hum… I may be worrying too much but be careful of not falling into the “the good american boy-scoots versus the russian baddies” cliché.

i think Crimson Reaper is more badass :joy: