Fight or Flight? -WIP-


I am currently working on a game that may or may not be called “Fight Or Flight”

The story is set in the far future, when a war is currently in progress between America and Russia.
all sides of the world are taking sides. but the country you live in New Zealand has decided to stay neutral
so unexpectedly both sides invade New Zealand.
and the idea is you have to survive in the midst of a war where you are expendable to every side.

here is a very short demo.

I would really appreciate any advice on storytelling. or any suggestions you may have.
Nothing at the moment is set in stone.

thank you for taking the time to help me out. C:


So far so good. I would suggest allowing the player to choose his/her own name though.

I also get an error when choosing an option to stop the bully (no choice works apart form the charm one).

But keep doing what your doing and give us a piece of the story! We can’t really give good feedback otherwise.


Alright Thanks i will get around to fixing the errors now. c:


Ok so hopefully i fixed most of the bugs you had there
now i will go to progressing the story and letting the player choose their own name c:


Love the concept of the game mate
It would be nice to pick your own name and surname
Your nationality
And when you get to pick what your good at, that you can pick more than one

But I love the concept mate well done


Really like concept. Not much has been done with a neutral nation in a world war. Nobody talks about Switzerland during World War II. Can’t wait for you to expanded upon it.


@JLBH2000 I have now allowed players to choose their own names and surnames
and have added Ethnicitys thanks for the input c:

@WinterHawk Thanks, here is the updated demo

Im gonna take a nap now T_T
also please do tell me about any errors you find C:


When you say “spanish”, what do you mean “from Spain” (European country) or “hispanic” (latin America)?


From Spain


but perhaps i should change it, sorry for any confusion


SPAIN IS EUROPE 90% Caucasian so weird.


Was the anthem of New Zealand a casus belli?


have changed the option for Spain sorry about that

I have changed it to Latin and you can trace your ancestry to Brazil
any objections?


@Drazen It did provoke both sides yes, it wouldn’t be justifiable though.
both sides want to attack New Zealand for a resource which i havent actually decided on yet.


@Shobuscus The only export I’m familiar with, is that it apparently has quite a large supply of dairy.

You could always go for the “resource” of being close to Australia. I assume the Kingdom of Australia will be pro-USA, - since I likewise assume that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland will have sided with them, - and therefore the Russians could want to take the unruly Kingdom of New Zealand as a stepping stone to attacking Australia; The US could be invading to stop the Russians from securing it, whilst also using it to secure their control over those waters.


SHEEP is the only thing they have …

Sorry im an Aussi,
guys I had to memtion the sheep joke the new zealanders will understand the longstanding sjeep jokes


@Drazen keeping in mind that this is a good 200 years into the future
they could have a resource that is now becoming hard to find.
Though being strategically close to Australia is also an awesome idea, I will think about it. Thanks C:


Cool game


How about Caribbean as a choice


@JLBH2000 I believe that can be classified as Latin (correct me if im wrong) which i have added