Idea for 'Cave of Time' Sort of Game

Hey, Derek here, so I’ve had to leave the ideas for the WW2 French Resistance and Size Changing Super Hero/60’s Cold War & Silver Age Comics plots to one side for the moment whilst I work on work’y things, but I’ve had an idea for another concept which would in some aspect be paying tribute to ‘The Cave of Time’, the original Choose Your Own Adventure story which started a whole wave of multiple choice tales and eventually my long-fuelled interest in the subject. So I’ve imagined this concept where you’re a character from one of a number of different historical or futuristic backgrounds (and possibly some strange alternate ones) and you find yourself getting pulled into this environment where all sorts of bits and pieces from the breath of human history can be found, alongside a number of memorable characters. It’s up to your character where they end up siding with a number of different groups and whether they try to escape this strange timeless place back to reality or try to live there.

Clearly it’s a tad ambitious idea but I figured I’d ask about to see what people thought. I imagine it would be slightly tongue in cheek and many of the characters you meet could be walking clichés - the dusty cowboy, the less than noble knight, the liberal minded 30’s female pilot etc. But there might be a more serious plot in there too. Anyway the prologue I’d see as a series of situations which subtlety reveal who and what you are, perhaps. Let me know what you reckon. This might not end up being the first thing I get up online but it is something I could try down the road, so any suggestions or comments would be great!

If that’s what you want to do go for it! It sounds like it could be a complex but interesting game. Even if an immediate market doesn’t show itself, the they are still there somewhere.

I agree with @WolfieGrey.

Thanks guys, I’ll try and write down a couple ideas (along with the ones for the Resistance, Superhero and ‘Ozoic’ Ones I have) and see if something doesn’t strike out as inspiring for something like this. If you guys have any character types you’d be interested in do let me know, the advantage of a game like this is that you can take examples from the breath of time, past or future.

I think the idea of jumping to different times in history is fun.

Especially if it’s done tongue in cheek style. I’m thinking Bill and Ted and their phone box and abusing time travel just to do their homework. I think that could be a lot of fun. There’s a lot of comedy material in it.

“What’s a Chevrolet?”
I’d think it’d be awesome. :slight_smile: