Ozoic Status and Two other Possible Games to Develop


Hi, James here, developer of ‘Ozoic’. First thanks for all your kind words and sugestions on the game so far, it is very helpful. However as I realise through talking with the great Allen Gies (developer of Marine Raider and Apex Patrol) that I am still in the process of learning how Choice Script works, and so the range of ideas I have for Ozoic will be hard to translate into reality at my current level of expertise. Therefore I have decided that I’m going to put it on hold for the moment and focus my resolve on designing a easier game, so that I can map out stuff better and learn as I go along. Rest assured that Ozoic will eventually be created and will probably gel better as a result, so thank you for your patience.

Anyway, I have two ideas for such projects to test things on and I’m keen to hear what people think they would like best to see first. It’s likely that both of these will get made eventually, I just would like to have your opinion. The two ideas in question are:

  1. A historical tale in occupied Paris, 1940-44. As a member of the French Resistance against the Nazi Occupation you characters needs to sharpen their numerous skills and undertake several daring and risky stands against Nazi Rule under the cover of innocence. Will your deeds see you as a hero of the Resistance or will you be caught by the watchful eyes of the Gestapo? Players will interact with a range of characters here between the fall of Paris on 14th June 1940 and the Liberation in August 1944, attacking Nazi positions in one of several manners depending on the player’s style.

  2. A super hero tale where the player is gifted with special abilities (flight, the ability to survive in hostile environments and one other ability of their choice) but which the effects have reduced their height to half an inch tall. Basically this is a game book which pays tribute to the size changer/shrunken super heroes I’m quite fond of, and players will have to decide how best to live in their new stature and the use of their powers. It’ll also lead to some interesting situations like battling giant sized enemies or finding a way out of someone’s digestive tract! The story will also be set in the early 60’s amid the height of the Cold War (but with large as life super humans on both sides of the iron curtain) so there’s likely to be a combo of James Bond and the Silver Age of Comics in this idea.

Let me know which one you like the most of those two and I’ll start on a Demo in the New Year. Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:


The former of the two certainly sounds the more engaging, but the subject matter would require great tact, indeed.


The first i dont like the second. But the first is problematic you going to anger a lot of people anyway… You need a lot of tact and cogliony to enter in that mater. Good luck



Thanks for your comments and concerns. Clearly I would be researching the period and idea fairly extensively and I have no intention of trying to upset or anger anybody. Suffice to say that you’d be playing a Resistance Fighter against Nazis and their bought allies, so it’s not like you’re playing a bad guy or gal. I choose the Resistance because it’s an interesting period and it’s easily accessable for both a male and female character (indeed fiction tends to more commonly use female resistance members anyway - I’ll like it when a demo comes out for any lady reader to let me know out well I’ve written the female player characters). Clearly there are things I might not dwell on too much, such as the treatment of Parsian Jews, if readers think it might be an upsetting one. Suffice to say that the best option is always to tell me your views and I’ll respond accordingly.


But i like play bad characters :-S but i dont want a nazi too, nobody want be a monster beyond all redemption maybe a colaboracionist , no with nazis there no posibility of be bad :-? They are bastard monsters.



Well collaborators are certainly likely to appear but I don’t think I’d have one as a playable character. And whilst they’ll certainly be bad guys I’d probably be mindful of the fact that some of those soldiers were ordinary men and women, even if some of them did some pretty nasty things. Probably about the same as Allen’s Japanese Soldier in Marine Raider. There’s definitely likely to be some Non-French and Non-German characters in the game, especially towards the end of the game with the Liberation.


Well there already is a hosted and usermade superhero game so I think you should go with number 1
That era was full of very interesting story’s and the subject matter has been covered in every medium I can think of like an good video game called “the saboteur” or the movie “the guns of navarone”
If your game was like ether of those I would play it and probobly want to draw it…i kinda want to draw it now :-))



Thanks for your suggestions! I am aware of Heroes Rise but since there’s two Zombie games (not to mention games featuring Zombies in development) I don’t see why a second superhero game can’t exist. Plus as I mentioned mine will be set in a different era (the 60’s instead of the near future, inspired in some regards by James Bond Spy Action and the Silver Age of Comics like Marvel or DC) and utilise a different set of powers (being shrunk with a range of abilities, some of which the player can choose). Not sure which usermade game you were thinking of.

Yes, I was thinking of both of those actually, so there’s a good chance it’ll have a similar feel with explosives knowledge possibly as one of the skills a player can rely on in operations. I was also inspired in part by the BBC Comedy Series ‘Allo Allo!’ which features the French Resistance getting a cafe owner to help them fight the Germans (including listening very carefully, for I shall say zis only zonce) and hide two British Airmen (which doesn’t tie well with the fact that a duo of bumbling German Colonels also have him working for them to hide the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies from the Gestapo Officer). Suffice to say that my work will be much more serious.

Thanks for the drawing offer! I’ll probably need a cover once things are finalised so I’ll certainly give you some consideration.


I was talking about wolfwriters Empowered its pretty cool and covers a lot of your topics in a different world I’m actually going to be doing a cover page for it soon
and I’m not saying you can’t make a super hero game it’s just that I can’t think of any ww2 European spy games and there soo cool all the gear the characters the setting and the best thing of them all
a world wide hated and instantly recognized enemy


Hey guys, just a quick update surrounding my return to the site. Due to job hunting and Thesis work I’ve had to leave this to one side for the moment, but I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks to get some Choice Script Practice back in and see if I can’t make a demo for either of these projects. I’ll let you know how things go.