So what do you think?

Hi everyone, I have just joined and wanted your opinions on my idea for a first game. I plan on calling it Aquila Flight but I am open to suggestions. If you have ever played any Ace Combat or a flight simulator like it than you understand where I am coming from. You can choose your background info then you can either start out in the United States Air Force, The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force or the French Air Force. The game is set to begin in the Cold War and then continues on through the beginning of World War III. You are chosen by NATO to join in the Joint Air Operation Task Force, code name Aquila Squadron. You are the top ace of your country and now you must join the top aces from across NATO to take the fight to the USSR and their allies.

So what do you think?

Interesting, but, may I ask, who’s the antagonist? (if you have already decided)

It sounds like fun

I hadn’t given them a name yet but they are the USSRs equivalent to the Aquila Squadron. Which I would introduce in the first major battle that Aquila Squadron takes part in. I also forgot to mention that you can pick 1 of 3 planes assigned to the Country you first pick. The three planes are an Intercepter, multi role fighter, and a Close Air Support fighter craft.

Cool, good luck. I look forward to seeing this! :smiley:

…as long as I can become best friends like Maverick and Goose or Maverick and Iceman, you got it bro! Time to get some hardcore Top Gun action! The only thing is that I hope you’re a very descriptive writer because I think it’ll make for some pretty complicated action scenes and it will be interesting to see how you keep some of the things from getting repetitive.

I would definitely buy it, though, so take my money!

I am fairly new at this, but I wanted to give it a shoot. I will probably start the prologue off as the USAF for now( until I can get better at the choice of Script thing) I just wanted to see if you guys would want to see a game like this. I hadn’t seen one like it so I jumped at the idea.

Ahh, here is that dreadful question: Romance options?

Personally, I’d like the option to fly as either the Russian Side or the NATO side. A game like this would benefit greatly from that setup.

To WubWub117: Oh of course. I had definitely planed on having several romance options. I know that some will be part of Aquila Squadron, one will be the ground crew mechanic who fixes your planes, or your AWACS operator.

To Yamamato: I had planned on setting up being part of the USSR’s squad but I don’t want to spoil anything. :wink:

You have my interest, though I’m curious to know which phase of the Cold War this’ll be taking place in.

I’m also not sure France would be a good third NATO faction, since their Cold War foreign policy tried to distance themselves from integrating too far into any American-led power blocs. Then again, it could just be my inner patriot trying to convince me to convince you to let us play as an RCAF pilot, so don’t let that derail your idea.

I’ll also second @BrianBlack’s advice: writing vehicle combat can be difficult, especially if the vehicle in question has a lot of fiddly bits (like a warplane). Starting with what you’re most familiar with and experimenting with vehicle combat segments might be the right track.

To Cataphrak: Thank you for the advice. I understand that this will be a harder undertaking than some other topics I have come up with, but ever since I was young I have studied and read any book I could on American Warplanes and American history, particularly the Cold War. I have also bought evey single Ace Combat game or Flight Simulator I could get my hand on. I know my way around a U.S McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. B-)

But I will take that into consideration. Also what do you think would be a better replacement for France?

So I have an idea for the USSR’s squadron. I thought of calling them the Triglav Squadron. They would be a squad of the three greatest pilots in the USSR. Triglav is depicted as representation of three major Slavic gods that vary from one Slavic tribe to the others. Triglav is a three headed god of war in Slavic Mythology. How does that sound?

I want my Mig…oh well but this is a good idea :3