WW2 Airborne Game Idea!

I have a game idea about ww2 and the legendary 101st airborne, easy company. It would be about the 101st airborne based in Europe during ww2. The game starts with your character on the plane on D-day preparing to drop behind enemy lines, and the main character could be in easy company. Then, the plane gets hit and it truly starts, your character flashes back to training, where you get your role depending on your personality and skills. And then the game takes place over the course of the war in the eyes of easy company, going through d-day, to the end of the war. You could also meet legends like major winters! Just an idea and if anyone would like to make this, PM me and I could help with it! Thanks for reading and I hope you like the idea.
UPDATE 10/31/15
THE FIRST CHAPTER, LEAVE FEEDBACK https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/pfp2p17l7yilslk/Screaming%20Eagles.html?dl=0


This sounds like a amazing game I would definably read it.


Thank You! I just dont have alot of time so I would love for someone to help me with it!

I havent even made a game yet but I could learn and help with the plot.

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Please tell me we will get a gender choice in this

That would be great to be honest, I would love the help! :smiley:

No, due to this being historically acurate and no women served with the 101st, that I know of. And most combatants during world war 2.

Time to learn choice script!

Historical military fiction is always one of the best genres in CoG’s, in my opinion. I’d volunteer to help write, but I have a job that demands a lot of my time, and I’m afraid I don’t know a terrible amount about the allied air forces during WWII.

Awesome, good luck man! :smiley:

I personally love historical fiction, its awesome usually :smiley: and yeah, that sucks but you gotta pay the bills right? xD

I’m not complaining due to the fact that people fresh out of grad school like me usually don’t make this much, but if you need questions answered about the axis forces let me know. (My high school history teacher had an unusual fondness for the German military.)

The only two pictures in my history teachers class was a picture of hitler and jesus

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@Kaleolii, not side by side, I hope


Hey if you want someone who knows the code, you could ask me.

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Alright, ill let you know!

hell yeah dude sounds awesome

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Thank you very much! Im starting work on it today!

sounds good dude let us know

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Sure thing! Im almost done with the second chapter :smiley: