Idea for a new Cold War-theme dogfight game

The title will be called “Birds of the Iron Curtain” focusing on an air war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.Players are allowed to choose which side they which to fight for which have their own stories,characters and equipment.Will you fight to protect freedom and liberty as a member of the NATO Air Group or will you uphold Soviet ambitions as a deadly ace of the Warsaw Pact?.More importantly,will you survive the brutal skies over the Iron Curtain?.(Inspired by Ace Combat and Area 88.)

Character descriptions which depends on faction:

a)NATO(American,British,Canadian,Italian,French,West German)
b)Warsaw(Russian,Polish,Romanian,Czechoslovak,Hungarian,East German)



If you’re gonna include Canada, might as well include the rest of the Commonwealth…and the rest of the Warsaw pact. What happened to all of the Asian Soviet proxies?

I know this is the European front but large numbers of Asians did historically migrate to eastern Europe so there’s always a possibility

Post WW2 turbojet aviation is just my thing (see username), I’ll be really excited to see this come to life :grin:

From the list of aircraft I see you’re picking late 80s setting, any specific theatre in mind?

Edit: also, if you’re going for a traditional dog-fight (as in, cannons and close range missiles), I’d even suggest getting rid of all late gen BVR frames (Flanker, Eagle, Hornet etc) and maybe explore the 60-70s. I just think it’ll produce more action packed scenes, instead of firing rockets at the enemy you can’t yet even see.

I could try adding Chinese and Vietnamese for the Warsaw Pact and Australian and Norwegian for NATO.I prefer both factions having an equal amount of choices.

As for the Commonwealth…I’m not sure about it.Most of its members were neutral third world nations who are not apart of NATO,India was even allied with the USSR.

Theatres:I’m currently thinking about the German-Soviet border over the Berlin Wall along with the
Baltic Sea.I am open to suggestions.

As for the aircraft,I am still going to keep the late gen fighters but I will try to keep most of the combat at close range.(see Area 88 if you want to know what kind of combat I will be doing.)

Note:I am still new to this kind of stuff and this is my first attempt so please don’t expect too much.

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How intense the conflict will be? Like a proxy war through other countries or something more serious? If it’s the former, then you could borrow concepts and ideas from the Korean War, in which soviet and american pilots were in a direct confrontation with one another. It’ll be interesting to see a region akin to MiG Alley. For the latter there’s Europe you mentioned, Pacific theatre, Alaska and North Pole from where both sides were paranoically expecting nuke bombers to attack and hence had heavy interceptors (Su-15/F-106 and later Tomcat/Mig 25 etc) patrolling close to Arctic borders.

Huh, I think I’ve heard about this one, maybe I’ll check it out


Then I only have one question left:

How much vodka is involved?

Fun fact: some mig 21 used alcohol cooling loops for radar. So, to say a lot would be an understatement.

In the motherland,
You don’t drink vodka
Vodka drinks you

Oh, interesting. Any game where I get to be a British Pilot is fun, maybe we can have a former Battle of Britain Vet background or something.

I have made a short experimental scene to test out features and writing styles.I am using a premade
character because I am still struggling with the stats system.

Here is the link:

If you’re flying for the Russians,then there will be plenty.You cannot make a story with Russians without vodka.