For suggestions of custom planes for "G-Wings (Generation Wings): Operation Danmaku"

Can you guys have suggestions or rough-draft images for my custom planes of the supporting characters? There are nine of them:

  1. (Completed) The pilot who wants a cornfield aircraft that can pack a punch against alien invaders;
  2. (Completed) The pilot who owns this plane is staggeringly shiny (literally) and sparkly. She loves pink like her mother;
  3. (Completed) The pilot who owns this plane is stone-hard;
  4. (Completed) The pilot of this plane is a truant. She loves black;
  5. (Completed)The pilot who owns this plane is a smart girl;
  6. (Completed) The pilot who owns this plane is a Japanese girl who has androphobia;
  7. The pilot of this plane wants a cutest tinge for her plane (hint: she loves Pokemon);
  8. (Completed)The pilot of this plane loves to want to have a revenge against her mother’s abductors; and
  9. (Completed)This pilot wants her aircraft to be simple but deadly.

I’ll credit you guys when your work(s) approved. Thank you and Godspeed you :slight_smile:

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thanks for suggestions ma’am :slight_smile: have a God blessed day to you :slight_smile:

Spoiler alert guys. This ain’t completed but may change by time. Here’s the part of my work:


“Yeongwonhi, neowa kkumkkugo shipda…” - Yoona Lim (from the song “Forever”)

*page_break Day 10: Forever

“So you want to resume our mission against Danmaku even Jerica’s not around?!?!” Daisy

said to you frantically. “Yeah,” that’s all you said. Being a leader of the squad is much harder

this time as the inqusition team investigates about the pendant which Jerica was wearing until

now. For now, it’s possible to resume this mission even without her.
As you pack your things for leaving the Patmos man-made island, you tried calling again

Jerica but no reply. Then the grim event came like speed of light - or not.
Your ${plane_name} speedily flew above the island and as you maneuver the craft, darkness

came like snow in a sun-bathed spring. The “Armageddon” had came. [b] And it blocked the

"We cannot penetrate the exosphere because our aircrafts are designed for atmosphere and

nothing else," Rachel sadly radioed in to your dashboard.
#"I guess we need a detour. But how can we detour now?..
#"You mean we’re doomed?..
“…So we’re doomed?” you asked. “Looks like,” she said.
“Unless you’re decided to be a loser,” a static but almost-clear voice radioed in your

dashboard. You smiled as you saw Jerica flew a gigantic, yet flexible aircraft!!!
“WHAT’S THAT?” a chorus of these flew to your radio like flies in a stale jam.
"TE-144X1000 - aircraft for plunging to exoshpere. Good name for those who know

Revelation stuff," Jerica jublilantly told the gang.
“Goodness gracious, HOWD’YA GET THAT?” Yuri asked. "Just a prototype but it works

like charm," Jerica said.
“Ok. So quit babbling and let’s start the madness?” you broke the ice. Many of your squad

radiod in as “Roger”, “10-4”, “Alrighty”.
“Let’s volt in!” you inserted the punchline.
You volted in as other members of your team do the same thing.
“So, can you Mr. ${name} do the honor of flying this one?” Jerica asked you. “Sure,” you


Is the game gender locked?


That wat I been wondering

no. in fact, it’s just a sample vignette. there may be or no changes after i’ve finished the story. God Bless you :slight_smile:

BTW, certain scenes are gender-locked but the story itself is for all…

I have a few suggestions based on existing aircraft since I have the artistic capability of a sea slug with neuron degeneration. T_T The idea is to give you an inkling of the design behind such fighters and their capabilities that you can extrapolate for your story.

  1. A cornfield aircraft might be a little hard to pull off. Perhaps the Fokker VH1? It was the design flown by Manfred von Richtofen, the Red Baron himself. The pilot might mimic his colours in tribute to a superlative pilot and a knight of the skies whose enemies held a funeral for him where he was interred with full military honors. Alternatively you might model the plane off the de Havilland Mosquito, a WWII fighter-bomber whose body was made entirely out of wood. With a low stall speed, low radar profile, lightweight construction and relatively low-tech components, it would make an excellent sneak attack fighter. In this case I would recommend a sky-blue and white pattern on the belly and a mottled green paintjob on the top. This craft may be a nimble dogfighter but its best at active reconnaissance and precision strikes.

  2. For a stone cold pilot, however the A10 Thunderbolt II? Its a massive, ungainly fighter that mounts superlative armaments and is rugged enough to survive being hit by SAMs. Its basically a flying tank and the heavy weapon platform of the squadron. As for the paintjob, how about a gunmetal grey to reflect that no-nonsense mindset? Or a mottled grey to invoke the incoming storm.

  3. How about the famous Lockheed S71 Blackbird? Pure black with red stripes down the sides. It has a futuristic look with the X-men books using the plane as their mode of transport. If you want to reflect her free-spirited nature, instead of the plane being black, it could be the canvass for an ever-changing mural of street art with the pilot repainting it black whenever she has a new inspiration coming in.

  4. How about an F-117 Nighthawk? She essentially flies the squadron’s stealth plane so that she can hide from men and the eyes of the enemy. Instead of a regular paintjob, it might have reactive camouflage that adapts to whatever background its in.


thanks for suggestions. Well, an amalgam of those specs may be inserted thru my story but thanks a bunch bro. God bless you.

oh, by the way, the protagonist and the gang’s opponents aren’t just ordinary planes but an alien force.