Mecha Ace Fanart!

Really was avoiding the game “Mecha Ace” by Choice of Games / Hosted Games because I didn’t like most gundam stories but DAMN this one is pretty good :astonished: Why did I ever avoid this again?

So this is my Lance Commander MC in her zero suit / uniform top and that “Blue Masque” Camille Hawkins with his good end. Wish there was a bit more to the romance part of it but ehhh~ I understand this is a more action based story.

Don’t usually draw mecha… but the story was just that good. :laughing: I imagined it to be a sort of melee heavy knight class build. Sleek pearlescent white with light blue as strips and colouring (like the little Shaw) robots OTL )

Would love to hear how you imagined your own Mecha build too!

@Cataphrak Thanks for the awesome story! ( ; v ; ) b now you make me thirst for more stories… what’s next on the menu? XD

All this is directly taken off My illustration instagram BTW :wink:


Wow! I love that artwork. It’s so good, and so filled with character.


Right with you on both counts. :slight_smile: And nice art, thanks for sharing!


Damn. That looks awesome. Specially Camille :heart_eyes: Wish I could draw like that.

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Wow! Your art is awesome! :astonished:
I wish I could draw like that, but everytime I try to draw something that’s in my head it always goes different from what I imagined… It makes me sad.
I also like the gundam series and this game, but I understand that some people don’t like it. XD

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Thanks for the fantastic fanart! Your interpretations of the MC and Hawkins are pretty close to what I had in mind. Your Lionheart’s pretty damn awesome too.

(I don’t suppose I could get permission to retweet those, could I?)

Next up is the sequel to The Hero of Kendrickstone, so if you liked that one too, then there’s more coming.


ooo AW YIS! more medieval fantasy love!

I guess this proves that you do a great job painting a picture with words XD

I’m pretty open to retweets / shares / reposts as long as there’s proper crediting back to my account :smile: so feel free to retweet :bird:

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Done, though I’m not sure if I’ve done the whole “crediting instagram artists on twitter” thing properly, since I’ve never done it before.
If I’ve messed up, feel free to yell at me.


it’s fine XD thanks for tweet!

((I really have to start a tumblr sigh now that its on mobile it’s easier tho! ))


Very nice art! It’s wonderful to see you sharing it.

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