Mecha Ace: The Feedback and Bug Report Thread

So, with reports that Mecha Ace is now live on the Google Play store, I suppose it’s high time that I put up a thread both for feedback and to report any bugs that have come up in your playthroughs, as well as for any discussion regarding the plot and setting.


How do you get Wantanabe? (Not sure how to spell his name)

I just downloaded my copy ^^

How is it? I can’t wait to get it for my phone.

I haven’t tried it yet, as I’m currently busy, but I’m sure it’s amazing, since PW wrote it :stuck_out_tongue:

On Chrome, I got a fatal bug starting out:

"Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because ‘unsafe-eval’ is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: “script-src ‘self’ chrome-extension-resource.”

Not sure whether the bug is on your end or somewhere else, but.

Using Chrome and I got the ‘unsafe-eval’ bug as well.

Me three. Maybe something to do with the app? I don’t know.

It’s something to do with Google’s CSP lockouts disagreeing with the Javascript side of the app.

Then it’d be up to the crew at CoG to fix it quickly, or Google to provide a workaround. Thankfully, the Chrome Webstore isn’t the iOS app store, so a fix wouldn’t take a full week or anything.

Can’t wait to buy it. Can’t find it on Chrome, though, they’re probably fixing that error right now. :slight_smile:


It’s not turning up on the search for some reason. Here’s a link.

There’s a pretty serious bug keeping the game from working right now, though.

Just a copy and paste from the other thread, as no one actually said whether if they were bugs or not yet.

  • When I try to pep shot/scare off those two inexperienced mecha pilots I’m described as using an autocannon, but actually chose a particle rifle.
  • Next page goes off on a tangent about randomly finding some top secret box, if this is meant to be there it feels really, really out of place - but I don’t think it is?

1: I think I’ve found that one and fixed it for you. It should be up in the next update.
2: It shouldn’t seem incongruous, There’s supposed to be a whole preamble about there being a message from the surface, is that showing up for you?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Well when you say it like that it seems like some of my lance stayed behind on the surface?
Maybe I skimmed over the bit that mentioned this but I had thought they’d all come back up with me. So the mention of a box and complex in space seemed extremely weird.

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll give it a careful reread!

I’m unable to access the game via the link, since my Chrome seems to be acting up and every time I log on to the Web Store, I have to manually change my language to English and then search for the app. If I use the link, the language reverts to Croatian and I cannot make the purchase. v.v

So, I’ll just have to wait for then to fix it fully. :slight_smile:

It’s up right now in the Philippine App Store, at least. I’m starting it now. Will report if anything shows up.


How does the reload last checkpoint work I was in Episode 3 fighting the Blue Masque picked a choice I didn’t mean to and chose to reload the checkpoint but it sent me to the start of Episode 1?

It’ll only save your progress if you actively select to save your game when you get to a checkpoint. It won’t do it automatically.

It also only saves during interludes, so the first checkpoint is actually at the *end* of Episode 3.

how is the chrome issue coming?