Mecha Ace: The Feedback and Bug Report Thread


Still there.

On the plus side, it’s probably a good thing that it isn’t yet searchable or frontpaged yet, or casual users might have gotten their hands on the bugged version.

I don’t suppose you’ll host it on a public dropbox for your loyal, eagerly-waiting fans? :stuck_out_tongue:

i know it still there but i mean has COG found out what the issue because this is the first time i have seen it and i buy all the COG and Hosted games on chrome.

mate this is beyond bug its a deal breaker.

plus side is i love robot fighting games :smiley:

djma46: The issue is that there’s a snarl in the javascript that demands a permission that Google won’t allow.

I don’t know if CoG’s coding/executive team are even awake at this hour, much less working on anything.

Settle down and let 'em get it fixed. It won’t kill you to wait a day before you can buy it. This kind of last-minute invocation of Murphy’s Law happens even with triple-A game releases.

So I’m at the end of Episode 3, and the game is telling me that 1. saves are not persistent and 2. closing Mecha Ace will delete all my saves.

…Eh? So I have to finish Mecha Ace in one sitting?

If you’ve bought it on Chrome, you can still play it if you open the following file in a browser other than Chrome or Opera. (It worked for me on Firefox.)
C:\Users\Chen\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\igfnacmdlkaenaddellmmcmfcadaeimj\1.0.1_0\index.html

Just replace the folder name after “C:\Users” with whatever your username is. (In Windows, at least, assuming default placement of google chrome extensions.)

(You may need to turn on “can see hidden files” to see the “AppData” folder. I believe opening that file is just like loading up the game from someone’s dropbox, except locally…)

Might be best to wait until the bug is sorted out to leave good reviews, so it doesn’t look suspicious. (Or maybe post these instructions in the review. hmm, I wonder how Google would react to that…)

P.S. I’d also like to add that I thoroughly enjoy the author’s worldbuilding in this and Sabres of Infinity. It has been a please to play them. (And lurk in these threads…)

@Barrier_Break Thank you for the hack!

@Cataphrak not sure you want to discuss this here but were there extra challenges to implement the randomized NPC gender option?

Loving the story so far.

I’ve fixed the bug in the Chrome Web Store version of Mecha Ace. You might need to fully quit Google Chrome and restart it to get the updated version.

Loving it. I have to say that Sabres was better work, but Mecha Ace was by no means a disappointment.

I do have one question, though. Was it intentional, or merely coincidental, that Epilogue 2 requires you to switch gears at the last minute, having been a bloodthirsty maniac for most of the game, and then going for peace. If I wasn’t familiar with the source material, I’d call that bad writing, but if I interpret it as having manipulated Hawkins the whole time, it actually sounds so like something out of Gundam Wing that I couldn’t help but be impressed. (Though I still dislike the fact that getting that ending requires a romance instead of simple alliance. Still, it fits Hawkins’ paranoia.)

And one typo in Chapter 6:

*hide_reuse #I’ll call in fire-support from the [i]Caliburn]/i] and fight defensively until help arrives.

The ]/i] should be [/i].

@Cataphrak love just bought the story thanks for all the experience your story has given me and again I love the story I’ll end up reading it for hours I guarantee

Bug report

Weaver came back from the dead in one of the epilogues

I flirted with him, he said to try and look him up after the war maybe, then he was killed in the course of the game. He turned up again after I forced a peace in the endgame. He walked into the bar

Bug: In scene interlude2, there isn’t anyway to get cap_questions higher than 2. Which makes it impossible to ask the question to set honourable to 1.

I think I found a bug during act 3, whilst fighting Hawkins I managed to sever his sword arm and it states that both arm and monosaber flew off into space, however, the very next page he suddenly has his monosaber back in hand.

@dfabulichdfabulich I don’t think Google has implemented it yet, I’m still getting the error on my end. I’m sure it will be fixed soon though.

@Cataphrak I found a pretty bad bug with Watanabe.

Episodes 7, 8, and 9 all set Watanabe’s opinion to 30, presumably so you can’t make them like you if you accidentally destroy the ship in episode 4. But the code makes it so both destroying and not destroying the ship lower the opinion, meaning it’s impossible for them to like you in anything past Episode 7.

I found an odd bug with Watanabe as well. I avoided destroying the civilian ship, and started the romance during the Interlude on Crown Station, but after returning from being captured they abruptly hated me in the briefing room. Then, to make things even stranger, they went back to liking me and I got the romance with them.

nothing happens when I click on the achievements button. :((