Best way to report bug in Samurai of Hyuga Book 3?

As title says - I recall other CoG/HG games having an email link to send bug reports to but Samurai steam build doesn’t.

I was considering using support @ choice email as default fall back, but if there’s a better option I’d prefer to use that.


In Play Store, there’s this email:
But I don’t know if that is the best method

Yeah, that’ll be the one! Or one of them anyway.

Better state what platform you played it on as well so they would know where they need to update.

Yeah I mentioned it was steam - the email address looks like they’re tracking for platform issues.

Yes. A lot of people email us and say “there’s a problem with my game. Fix it!!!” and they don’t tell us what game they’re talking about, what the problem is, anything. At least if they using the built-in Email Support function, we automatically know the game and the platform.