Contacting CoG Support

Hi, I really enjoy the games but wanted to ask how to contact support as I have tried the email and web portal without luck. I have two issues which others may be able to solve.

  • How do I go about transferring games from IOS account to my steam account? I believe it possible but not sure how.
  • I downloaded the CoG software to have a look and I am having install issues, says it needs a node or somesuch, would appreciate if anyone have pointers.

Contact support at support AT choiceofgames DOT com.

Are you the same person who’s been writing in every few weeks since July? I’ve been responding to you, but it doesn’t seem like my emails are getting through. Do you have another email you could try writing in with? If not, you can DM me on here.

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Abby, really confused re the emails not coming through. Can you use thanks heap

Also check spam folder. I’ve had Gmail in particular be a bit overzealous sometimes with emails coming from companies and organisations.

This should help with that!

Thanks for the help everyone, I have reviewed what I did and unsurprisingly user error :slight_smile: All working now, so am able to move forward.

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