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This is gonna be a dumb question but i didnt see a post on this already and im just trying to figure out how putting my email in the Hosted Games/Choice of Games/Heart Choices app is suppose to work.

I mainly play on my Apple device but I downloaded the Hosted Games app on my Samsung device and when i put my email in and tried to restore purchases it did not work.

Found an old post from 2018 that said you need to make an account for Choice of Games and not the forum so I did that but it still says i have no purchases on my account, even though my email was accepted on each app, and i need to send a receipt for each game that was purchased to an email?

I bought an embarrasingly amount of stories across the three apps over the years and to try to find receipts for everything i purchased the past 3-4 years is a bit too much to ask.

Is there an easier way to get my purchases reflected on my email so i can play between both devices? :sob:


Same thing happened to me last week (also first time it happens) i tried to restore my steam purchase and it didn’t work :no_mouth:

Its weird. I would think it’d be easier to confirm via stream but i guess not.

I even tried my apple email and it didn’t work either.

Then i tried going through my apple purchase history yesterday and the madness of me discovering these games/books started back in 2019 so imma have like 100+ screenshots to send to them if it is still the same method to confirm i bought these books. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I’m afraid that this is an issue that is beyond the scope of what the forum can help with. In this case, you should contact Choice of Games directly by sending an email to