Are bought games cross platform?

I bought a few games on the amazon app store (not that recently) but when I try to play on the website it keeps saying the game is not bought yet. I logged into the same account I purchased the games with but it keeps saying “restore complete item not purchased yet”. Each game I’ve tried I’ve owned for a while and never had this problem before

Is it cross platform or do I have to buy on each platform now? Were there any changes to CoG purchasing that I’m not aware of?

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It’s not cross platform (with Android/AppStore) but you could send your receipt to the support email to unlock the website version.

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More here:


Wow… I’ll have a lot of transfers I guess, think I purchased over 10 games on the amazon app store (got a bunch of gift cards and splurged)

I have this problem too, but cant seem to find my Amazon App store receipts…do you know where they are?

typically it’s in an email to the account linked to the app store. If not, there is a tab under my account on the web browser store that says “your orders” or something along those lines. You can see your orders from there.

It doesn’t show up in my orders but I will check my super old trash emails - thanks!

***oh wait, it doesnt show up in my orders for Amazon store acct…does the Fire tablet have a separate tab?

Not sure about fire tablet. I only know about amazon app store on android. Under the orders tab double check that that is the account you’ve ordered the app on. Make sure to check the time frame of the orders displayed and try searching it. Other than that I’m not sure.

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Thank you!