Restoring purchases across operating systems

I used to play on both an android tablet and iPhone. Is there a way to restore purchases from the games I bought on Android to my iPhone. Previously I didn’t have enough memory but now I do to have all games on one device. This was before the omnibus apps so maybe there’s already a topic on this?

You can’t get a game for free on an Apple device if you paid Google to get it, or vice versa. See here for an explanation: Why are games only accessible on the platform they were purchased on?

curious whether there’s an exception for games purchased in one of the omnibus apps and the website? That is, if I purchased games in the ios app, can I play them on the website? Or if I purchase on the website, or on steam, can I play in the app?

That makes sense, ill think of some other way then :slight_smile:

I had bought my games in the Google store. I sent the receipts to the email in the Thread and I can play all the games I bought in the Website when I am logged in. Easy and fast.


How do you send receipts? Screen shots of itunes pages, screen shots of the library page in the app, something else?

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Yup. Take a screenshot and then send it to support email via attachments.

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