War of the Gods / Backend bugfixing

Hello everyone!

We’ve been receiving a lot of error reports on War of the Gods.

We can’t repro these errors ourselves.

If you’re having errors in the game, we would like to literally get on the phone with you so we can diagnose them.

Please email me, jason AT choiceofgames DOT com if you’re having difficulties and you’re willing to help.


The Assassin went through without mistakes or Bugs (I didn’t notice anything like that I hope this helps for your record or something)

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I cannot get to the second volume every time I finish the first one it just restarts the first one again


Same issue.


yea, I’ve also completed the game as the deodrin mage

I don’t know if it’s a problem, but I’ve been finding things incredibly annoying and confusing. I’m currently in the assassin route and every other choice doesn’t seem to register. Examples like my family was successfully rescued but when I go to rescue someone else the fam are dying in the very cell they were liberated from. Or I keep picking choices to go one place but the game railroads me to somewhere else. Is the routing mixed up or was this how it was written? If anything, I’d just like some piece of mind that I didn’t (or did) spend money on a broken game.


The game isn’t broken, that’s just what the author wrote.

If you want to send screenshots to support@choiceofgames.com explaining how you thought the game should have gone differently, we’ll happily pass the email on to the author.