Script Error!

Whenever I try to test my game on Firefox, IE, or anything else, I get a “Script Error” and then it never loads. Could anyone help me with this?

Not without more details no, not really.
It’s referring to javascript, so either you’ve edited one of the js files for a mod and messed something up, or you’ve wrote your variables etc in mygame.js incorrectly.

@ItalionStailon Sounds like a problem with your JavaScript file (happened to me). Check whether your variables have been written correctly, with commas before or after each one, and the : sign between the variable and the value. Also, check the scene part for commas. Ninja’d by CJW, lol. :slight_smile:

I haven’t edited anything in javascript, so I guess it is something in my variables. I’ll look over them again.

YES! I fixed it! After a week, it finally worked! Hell yeah! Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

@ItalionStailon It’s always a good idea to explain what the problem was (and how you fixed it) - in order to help anyone with a similar problem in the future :slight_smile:

But glad to hear you fixed it.

@CJW Ah. I’ll post what happened then.

In the stats page, I forgot to post a little : after the stat. So this:

stats = {
    leadership: 50
    ,strength: 50
    ,name "Unknown"
    ,sname "Unknown"
    ,gender "Unknown"
    ,hisher "Unknown"
    ,heshe "Unknown"
    ,bloodthirsty "50"
    ,honor "50"

Should be this:

stats = {
    leadership: 50
    ,strength: 50
    ,name: "Unknown"
    ,sname: "Unknown"
    ,gender: "Unknown"
    ,hisher: "Unknown"
    ,heshe: "Unknown"
    ,bloodthirsty: "50"
    ,honor: "50"

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Yep, a simple, common and easy mistake to make - still, thanks for sharing that - hopefully people will search and see if they make a similar one :slight_smile:

I can only hope so.