Stats aren't working for some reason?

So I followed the tutorial stuff and I am doing everything correctly but for some reason when I tell the game to raise a stat it wont work unless I tell it to raise charisma. So for example if I tell it *set leadership +10 it wont raise it on the stats screen however, if I tell it *set charisma +10 it will raise it on the stat screen. How can I fix this? Sorry if what I am asking is hard to follow.

@Sh0wNt3IL You are already way ahead of me if you can view your stats. Mine will always give me an error when I click on the button to see them.

@Sh0wNt3lL, can you post the contents of your choicescript_stats.txt file? Put

 in front of it and 
after it, so we can see indentation. If you can also post the contents of your mygame.js file in a similar fashion, that might prove useful as well. Alternatively, if you have these files hosted on a publicly reachable web site, just post the URL to the web folder for your game.

Check the spelling of charisma, be sure it’s the same in both, otherwise, yup, need to see some code.

oh I figured out the problem hehe ^^;

I figured mine out too jaja

oh yeah! high five!!

*high fives Sh0wNt3IL* Woot!