Need help with putting stats in game


Hello, I am trying to make my first game and am currently learning how to use choicescript. I have a slight problem however. I don’t really know how to use stats. To be specific I write at the top of my page the stats I want. Intelligence, Strength, leadership and Charisma. (With ‘*create’ at the beginning.with the value 10 at the end). But when I start the game up and go to the stats screen it only shows Leadership and strengh/weakness. how do I add more stats to it?


ChoiceScript can be very specific about spacing and indentation. It should look like this:

*create intelligence 10
*create strength 10
*create leadership 10
*create charisma 10

And I assumed from what you wrote that the strength stat is an opposed pair, so your stat screen should look like this:

    text Intelligence
    opposed_pair Strength
    text Leadership
    text Charisma


About the post, I did is specifically as you wrote it but it is still the same, I don’t know what a stat screen is. I never wrote *stat_chart anywhere. Is there another page where I have to write stats or is it all in startup?


In the scene folder where you found the startup.txt file, there’ll be another one called choicescript_stats.txt.


There should be a file in /scenes called “choicescript_stats.txt”. You need to put the stat chart in there. However, the *creates go in “startup.txt”.


Also be sure to check out this page:


Thanks a lot the both of you, I have sorted this out. Thanks again for the help


@Reaperoa’s awesome choicescript guide might help too.