How do I make stats?

I’m currently working on my first game but can’t figure out how to make stats work, in my game’s stats file I have everything listed out like this:
text name
text mc
percent 15 Bold
percent 10 ESP
percent 15 Deduction
percent 15 Intelligence
percent 15 Elegance
percent 15 Persuasion
percent 0 Panic
but after this do I have to *create stats in the actual startup game file or? Because whenever I try and do a %+ thing for stats it doesn’t work. I’ve read through a bunch of different posts and resources but haven’t really found anything about it.


Can you post what your startup.txt looks like? Use the </> icon to paste your code inside (so we can see indentation as well). :slight_smile:

choicescript_stats.txt is generally where you display existing variables you declare in startup.txt. It is generally not where you change stat values, only to display them in a consistent way throughout the game.

Yes, stats need to be created in the startup file, or they don’t exist.

You also need to remove the numbers from the part you showed in your post.

So, in the startup file:

*create bold 15

and then you can have

    percent Bold

in your stats.



Not only will your fellow forum goers be able to help you directly but here are some valuable resources which could also be of service!

Best of luck!