Help for dot assassin Dx

I’m trying to learn how to use this, and I’ve been able to do like simple stuff, choices and the like, but I’m having trouble understanding how to do all the stats and such

Have you read through the tutorial?

or the wiki?

Well of coarse, I looked at the wiki and all the stuff except despora’s (misspelled the name but hopefully you know who it is) and the reason I couldn’t look at his/her tutorial is cause whenever I tried it said the page was closed or something

If you want to use the stats, make sure to declare them in mygame.js first, or use a *temp (however that will only keep them for one scene). You also have to set some basic values for them. An example of mygame.js (not actually my mygame.js :stuck_out_tongue: )

List the stats here yadda yadda yadda
strength: 50
,brains: true
,name: "Boris"

Strength is a number, brains is a boolean and name is a string variable. To use them in a stat chart: (file: choicescript_stats.txt)

  Percent strength
  Text brains
  Text name

I assume you know how to use them in *if and *selectable_if commands. If not, the wiki’s the perfect place to look! :slight_smile:

Argh, I have some more studying to do ;/ xD

Because you assume wrong Dx, I’m literally just figuring out how to like, write the stuff
Blah blah blah

*page break

#blah blah blah

That’s what I know at this time 8D

Ahhh… In that case, it’s best to read all the guides on the wiki and read the full intro to choicescript on this site. If it helps, copy-paste some of the demos and edit them around a bit, then try and play with index.html :slight_smile:

okay so ive been playing around with the stats stuff and changed it from leadership to evil and strength to good in the variables and stats, but for some reason it wont let me put ‘good’ in stats, evil works, but when i changed it to good it said it was a non existent variable, and when i changed it back to strength in the stats screen it worked, so in the game it’ll say “what do you choose?”
but in the stats its forcing me to keep it as *stat_chart

       opposed_pair Strength
        it wont work with good



you guys ever encounter this?

I’m assuming that you declared it in the mygame.js?

uhhhh…im not sure, it allowed me to change to evil but its just good thats not working, im guessing if it allowed me to change one i did it right with it, long story short you may be assuming right and at the same time maybe not @fantom i swear everyones assuming stuff i feel dumb ;-;

im in scenes right now and i changed it in “variables” so…?

Try this:

opposed_pair Good

That should work as long as you also replaced “leadership” with “good” in your mygame.js

it still says its a non existent variable, ugh i wish i could show you my screen or something, at scenes in variables i switched leadership and strength, it should be working but its not, ugh i might of broken it, might just delete the file and re download

where it says scenes index and mygame, it doesn’t give me options with which to open it, am i supposed to do something with that?

no you are just doing think wrong in variables and stat_chart
--------opposed_pair karma
variable in mygame.js is ,karma: 0
Works because I used it in my game without problems

Yes, the mygame.js you open up with notepad like you do with the stat screen. By default .js files don’t have an association with a program.

well the mygame thing itself doesn’t show up when i try looking for it with notepad, when i went to open with it asked me to search for trusted things to open it with, the list is adobe dreamweaver, microsoft visual studios and a couple others

oh wait there it is, i had to switch it to all files

okay i opened it, this is whats here, do i just switch leadership and strength with good and evil?

nav = new SceneNavigator([


// Specify the default starting stats here

stats = {
leadership: 50
,strength: 50

// Specify the stats to use in debug mode

debugStats = {
leadership: 50
,strength: 50

// or just use defaults
// debugStats = stats