Stats won't update?

Hi, it seems like I’m having trouble with my stats.

Everything is showing up just fine in my stats screen, no error, nothing. But as soon as I’m playing through my script the changes won’t show up at all or if they do only partially.

My code looks like this:

*create Friendly 50
*create Stoic 50
*create Genuine 50
*create Sarcastic 50
*create Composed 50
*create Hotheaded 50
*create Cautious 50
*create Careless 50
*create Charming 50
*create Intimidating 50

*create Rivalry 50
*create Friendship 50

and this is one of the concerned choice trees :

	#“That’s it? What a waste of paper.”
		*set Stoic +10
		*goto servanta

	#“Great, then I can catch up on some sleep once that is done.”
		*set Sarcastic +10
		*goto servanta

	#“That’s a little underwhelming, don’t you think?” 
		*set Genuine +10
		*goto servantb

	#“Another uneventful day then. Wonderful.” 
		*set Sarcastic +10
		*goto servanta

	#“Thank you. I'll be in the dining room in a minute.”
		*set Friendly +10
		*goto servantb

Once I made a choice and try to look up the repercussions nothing changed.
Help :frowning:

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What’s your code for the stat screen?
I think you might have twice the stats you need…

  opposed_pair Friendly
  opposed_pair Genuine
  opposed_pair Composed
  opposed_pair Cautious
  opposed_pair Charming

That’s what I thought :blush:

The second half of an opposed pair shouldn’t be an actual stat.
If you want to raise “stoic”, you instead lower “friendly”.

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Ah! It’s working! Thank you so much :heart_eyes: . That issue was beginning to drive me crazy.

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No problem. :blush:

Remember to check for friendly < 50 instead of stoic > 50, and such, as well.