My stats page isn't working... please help?


I have not used Choice script in a loooong time, so my memory may be a little rusty, but I just started again. Unfortunately, there seems to be something I have done wrong as my choicescript_stats.txt document does not seem to actually link to my “chapter1.txt” document, or any other one, for that matter.

For example, this is what I have done so far for my choicescript_stats.txt page (I deleted all the other text, as the error message “{}” came up when I had it.

*temp title
*temp first_name
*temp surname
*set title " "
*set surname " "
*set first_name " "

The Honorable {title} {first_name} ${surname}

HOWEVER, on my document “chapter1.txt” - formerly “startup”, when I have the character pick their name, I write *set first_name “Elsabeth”, or whatever their choice is, it does not change the stats page.

Is it because there is something wrong?
Or something I’ve missed?

Thank you!


In choicescript_stats, you don’t declare variables normally. It should have a form similar to:

text name
text surname
text profession
text gender

For your game, title, first_name and surname should be in mygame.js.


Have you set the variables in mygame.js?

Also in the stats page you need them set out as

text name
text surname

edit: JimD beat me to it lol


Okay, I see! That clears it up a little! :slight_smile:
However, the player character, as it’s set in an aristocrat setting, goes by the title “The Honorable Lady/Lord (insert name)” and to be honest, I have no idea how to put it like that using the form you’ve written… XD
Erm… could I ask someone to show me?

Sorry for being a noob!


{title} {first_name} ${surname}

If title is not normally capitalized, you can capitalize it with an exclamation after the . !{title}


I mean how do I write it like that on the stats page?
I understand how to write it like that in the main part :slight_smile:



text title
text first_name
text surname


@Bittersweet Jim’s suggestion would work just as well on the stats page as it does in an ordinary scene file. Nocturnal’s suggestion would be the other way of displaying it.


Oh, I am really sorry, I just went through your replies again, I basically asked the same thing twice, which just shows off my amazing genius to its best degree.
Thank you so much, it cleared that up immediately when I actually read it properly, you’re a star!


@Vendetta Ok, thank you very much :smiley: I think I get it now :slight_smile:


@Bittersweet If in doubt, experiment. :smiley:


// Specify the default starting stats here

stats = {
title " "
,surname " "
,first_name " "
,leadership: 50
,strength: 50

^I put this in the variables on mygame.js, and when I tested it out, it imploded and came up with an error message… sorry to start a string about my failures on technology but help? D:
Thank you T T


The stats title, surname and first_name all need a colon ( : ) after them.


@Reaperoa awesome thank you :smiley: