Problem in new choicescript - displaying name in stat screen

Specifically, I have a stat screen that says this at the beginning:

Stat Screen

Name: {firstname} {surname}

*goto Display

I had this under the old choicescript and it worked fine (the variable firstname and surname are defined in mygame.js),

however, when I try to run the game on my browser, it tells me that, in line three (where Name is), that the first variable, firstname, is a “Non-existant variabel”. How? It worked perfectly fine before.

Mind you, the game itself seems to work fine, but not the stat screen.

So, folks, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Or, is there some other way to get the full name of the character to display on the stat screen? Thanks all.

Update - now the game doesn’t find ANY of the stats defined in mygame.js.

Does this mean that we MUST use the *create command in the startup file?

And, if I have it right, mygame.js is no longer needed? Or…or what? The main topic says it’s optional…

Just tested it and it works fine for me (mygame.js variables).
But you don’t need it now, no.

You can use *create:

*create name "Mr. Unknown"

Ah, I see. I just set up startup in the way that was said in the example, and it seems to be working. Side question - if I have an opposed pair stat, like Good and Bad, do I need to, say “Good -5” to add five points to Bad, or do I now just say “Bad +5” to do that? Or both?

Heh, answered it myself. Thanks.