Choicescript Stats Screen: Name


I’ve been trying for the past month unsuccessfully to code in a name for a character in the stats screen, and have had absolutely no success so far.

I’d like to know how to make a name in the stats screen; I’ve used *create_name in startup, and when I put in a name in the stats screen, it tells me it must begin with either *text, or *percent. If I type in *text, it still requires me to give the name a number. I don’t think most people would name themselves 1, or 2, which is why I’m asking for help now… how do you make a name?

Also, my stats screen is divided into many small parts; there is a miasma of stats concerning combat, then a whole load of stats concerning intelligence, then a lot of stats concerning social relationships with non-playable characters.

How do you give each section of these stats of title?

I’m hoping to make something like this:

Combat stats:
Agility 50
Strength 50
Skill 50

Cunning 50
Knowledge 50
Improvisation 50


*Create name “”

*text name

This should let you get the name on the stats page

And to order the stats: you can order them in “paragraphs” like in the chapters, simply having a blank line between them.

@Nocturnal_Stillness told you how to better than I’d have done


*create name “Unknown”

Then in choice script stats


__percent agility
__percent strength


__percent cunning
__percent knowledge


Thanks for the help, I got the stat part done, but I’m still stuck on the name… for some reason, the name in the stat screen never matches the name in the startup file. Is there any more involved to it?


Try this…

in startup.txt

*create name “Wyrmspawn”

Then in choicescript.stats



  text name