A bit of help around "Script" error

Well then . Whenever I try to go to the specific “Next” place and want a choice , it just gives me the Script error and stops without even giving me the options or possible errors. Here is the thing I made. Can somebody tell me what the problem is with it ? It does it when it reaches the last *choice .

*create name
*create gender

“Stuff written here”

*set gender “Male”
*goto name1
*set gender “Female”
*goto name1

*label name1
"Stuff written here, including two “${gender}”
*input_text name

“Stuff written here, including one ${name}”

“Stuff written here”
*if (Female) #Yatta-yatta
*if (Male) #Blah-blah

(Notice, the indentations are right ,the post does not allow me to add them although.)
(There are spaces (indentation) at - #Male, *set gender “male” ,*goto name1 , #Female, *set gender “Female” , *if (Female), if (Male).

Also I already tried removing the *if command and that does not seem to work.

You need to tell choicescript what you mean by Male and Female.
Change the last choice to:
*if (gender = “Male”) #choice_here
*if (gender = “Female”) #etc. etc.

Also, make sure to run the game in Internet explorer as it gives you clearer error messages if there’s a problem.

Many thanks man! It works perfectly now and I didn’t know about the Internet explorer thing .Many thanks again .